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Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad may be the best decision that your student makes during his/her college career. In today’s global society, international experience is expected of college graduates and desired by employers. Passports are becoming just as important as resumes in demonstrating recent graduates’ skills, worldview and ability to contribute to future success.

For more information about the benefits of studying abroad, we recommend the following resources:

In addition to exploring another culture, your student will gain valuable skills that he/she can apply to school and the real world. Here are some of the benefits:

The best way to expand one’s point of view is to spend time living in a foreign culture. This exposure to a new way of life can be eye opening, exciting and challenging at the same time. Your student may discover new passions or hobbies. They may uncover a cause to champion or a career to pursue, and they will return with a new appreciation for the unique freedoms and opportunities we are fortunate to enjoy here in the US.

From cuisine to holidays to customs and language, it is fascinating to immerse oneself in another culture. Your student will be able to get to know local community members and participate in a new way of life. We organize visits to historical sites and host inspiring guest speakers. We allow students to not only observe another culture, but also to experience one.

Traveling abroad requires numerous skill sets that directly apply to the working world. When your student plans a weekend getaway to Paris, he/she will gain organization, research and navigation skills. When they travel thousands of miles with new friends, they will hone soft skills including communication and teamwork. As they manage their time to see everything they want to see, they will learn balance and self-discipline. Every step along the way, the LeadAbroad staff will encourage reflection and intentional conversation about what they are seeing, learning and doing, so they can reap the maximum benefit from the time abroad.

Students from over 75 universities travel abroad with LeadAbroad. Your student will come home with new friends and a community of ambitious, adventurous and like-minded peers. They are also a part of the LeadAbroad family, a network of over 2,000 alumni living, working and blazing new trails all over the US.

After successfully navigating a foreign culture, your student will have increased confidence in their ability to conquer any challenge. LeadAbroad focuses on personal development, giving students the space to think about their future, define their values and craft their vision statement. Students return home with renewed purpose and motivation to achieve their goals.


We understand that studying abroad is a family decision, and we keep parents in the loop every step along the way. Studying abroad is an investment in your student’s future and we encourage you to consider the long-term impact of international experience on your student.

LeadAbroad program fees include many of the expenses of traveling abroad. We also offer scholarships and payment plans to those who qualify. Payment deadlines are based on your student’s acceptance date. You can see all payment deadlines and the refund policy on our Policies, Terms & Conditions page. For any further questions on payments or financing, please e-mail our finance team at info@LeadAbroad.com.


Health & Safety

Student safety is our number one priority at all times. The LeadAbroad team takes a proactive approach to safety on all of our programs. Our thorough procedures focus on assessment, education, security, ongoing monitoring, emergency response and communication.

Our team spends months on the ground researching each location, interviewing partners and deciding on the best and the safest itinerary.

The LeadAbroad staff makes it a priority to be informed and educated about safety and each member is CPR and First Aid certified. We also educate our students to ensure they are prepared for traveling abroad through online orientations prior to departure and a detailed safety orientation on day one.

Our students are required to follow certain security precautions designed to minimize potentially dangerous situations. Every individual is registered with the US embassy. On LEAD programs, students are required to stay in groups of 2 or 3 and sign out whenever they are leaving our accommodation. On GO, DIRECT and PRO programs, we recommend that students explore the city in groups for added safety.

Our domestic and international teams are constantly monitoring current events and the US State Department’s travel advisory. LeadAbroad is accessible 24 hours a day via email (info@LeadAbroad.com) and phone (404.720.5657).

We are prepared in the case of an emergency with a detailed action plan. We understand who to contact in any situation, and each student will receive an emergency information card to keep with them at all times.

Clear, open communication is a key component of our philosophy. We will also be appropriately transparent and forthcoming regarding any issue, whether we are communicating with students, parents, faculty or insurance providers.

We also work to keep your student healthy while traveling. All students will fill out a detailed medical form as part of their pre-departure paperwork. We recommend that students visit their doctor prior to departure to ensure that they are in good health and up to date on all vaccines. They should also prepare to bring a full supply of necessary prescription medication with them, in the original containers.

During the first week of the program, we will discuss strategies of how to stay healthy while abroad. Good nutrition, sufficient sleep and maintaining balance are all smart ways to stay well. However, we are fully prepared if your student gets sick while abroad. We will accompany him or her to the doctor’s office or urgent care, ensure that they receive treatment and take them to a pharmacy to fill any prescriptions. We accompany every student on every medical visit, so you never have to worry that he or she would need to navigate foreign health care alone. In the case of a medical emergency, our team is well trained in emergency response, and we will ensure that your student promptly gets the care they need. Due to liability concerns, the LeadAbroad team will never administer any over-the-counter medications to your student other than basic first aid supplies.

Policies, Terms & Conditions

You can find all LeadAbroad policies, terms and conditions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review frequently asked questions by parents and students here!  We’ve also complied parent testimonials in the following video.  If you would like to speak with a parent of a LeadAbroad alumni to hear more about their experience, we are more than happy to facilitate.  Simply email info@LeadAbroad.com.

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