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My credit card isn't working!

Usually one of these five things is the problem.

  1. Are you trying to pay with an American Express card? We do not accept American Express. Please use another card or pay by e-check.
  2. Please make sure your billing zip code matches the billing zip code your credit card is registered under.
  3. Please make sure you are inputting the expiration date as two digits for month, a forward slash ( / ) and two digits for the year (for example, 08/23 or 12/19).
  4. The amount you are trying to charge puts you over your daily/monthly spending limit. Please consult with your card company and/or your parents to lift the limit or pay with a different card.
  5. There’s a typo in your submission. Please review closely and resubmit if need be.

My eCheck payment isn't working!

E-check is a simple way to pay by electronic check using the same information that already exists on every check you send out.  Here are a couple of reasons your eCheck payment might be failing.

  1. You are entering the account number where the routing number goes.  Routing numbers are ALWAYS nine digits, while account number vary greatly in the number of digits they use.  To verify that you’re using a valid routing number, you can use the American Bankers Association number lookup here: http://routingnumber.aba.com/Search1.aspx or just google the routing number and your bank should come up.
  2. You are entering the check number in addition to the account or routing number. The check number appears in the upper right-hand corner of your check and does NOT need to be included in your e-check information submission.

Here is an example of where to find the appropriate information. This may differ based on your specific bank.

eCheck help