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Stay Informed

Click here for the pre-departure master checklist!

Stay on track for your summer adventure with the pre-departure checklist.  Print it out, share with your parents and cross off items as you complete them.  Please note some items may only apply to specific locations, and this is noted where applicable.


Is there a group flight?

PRO Barcelona does not have an official group flight, but we have recommended specific itineraries in the flights section below.  Please review for details!

Will LeadAbroad staff be on my flight?

Since our staff will already be abroad preparing for your arrival, we will not have any staff on flights to Barcelona.  Should you have questions or problems with your flight, we strongly recommend you speak with an airline representative at the airport as they will be able to assist.  Our on-call, U.S. based staff is available for any itinerary changes that will impact your arrival.

What happens if I miss my flight or it is canceled/delayed?

  • Step 1: Do not stress. These things happen!
  • Step 2: Work with an airline rep at the airport to be rebooked.
  • Step 3: As soon as you have a new itinerary, complete the new flight plan form linked in your pre-departure newsletter.  We will be in touch to confirm any details.


Where can I find a packing list?

Click here to jump down to the packing section of this page for all the details!

Do I have to bring my laptop?

Yes, you will need your laptop for work assignments.

Should I pack sheets/linens/towels/hangers?

No, our accommodations provide all of the above.  However, it’s always a good idea to pack an extra beach towel or quick-drying travel towel.

Budgeting & Finances

Are meals included?

Your program fee includes a welcome dinner and a final dinner.  All other meals are your responsibility.

How much spending money should I budget for the trip?

Click here for a budgeting worksheet.  You should have a realistic conversation with your parents in the application process to discuss spending habits and budgeting while you are abroad.  While spending can vary widely, LeadAbroad recommends $40/day as a baseline budget for meals and incidentals.

Should I bring U.S. cash? Debit cards? Credit cards?

LeadAbroad strongly recommends you bring two ways to access money: a debit card for ATM withdrawals and a credit card as a backup.  We do not recommend exchanging U.S. dollars for local currency as it is very difficult to find a place to exchange and the exchange rate is typically better when you withdraw from an ATM.  You should plan on getting cash out an ATM once you arrive.

Health & Safety

Is travel insurance included? What about health insurance?

LeadAbroad does not offer a travel insurance plan.  All students will be covered under LeadAbroad’s health insurance for the duration of the program.  Details can be found in the Health & Insurance section below.

Do I need shots before visiting Spain?

Review CDC guidelines for travelers to France here: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/spain

No specific shots are required; however, LeadAbroad recommends visiting your family doctor before departure to ensure you are up to date on routine vaccines including Hepatitis A and MMR.

Can I bring my prescription medication to Spain?

If you pack prescription medication, be sure it is in the original prescription bottle. We also recommend researching the medication to better understand any restrictions in Spain. Your doctor will be a great resource in finding this information.

Pharmacies in Spain will not accept foreign prescriptions. If you anticipate needing a prescription refill while abroad, speak with your doctor about getting enough medication for the duration of your trip. Alternatively, our staff can assist with a local doctor’s visit to receive a local prescription.

Other FAQs

What should I wear to work?

Most workdays you can wear casual clothes you’d normally wear to class on campus.  On days where you meet clients or have a presentation, a business casual outfit would be appropriate.

What will my work schedule be?

PRO Barcelona work hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday.  Friday hours are 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Do I need a visa to enter Spain?

U.S. citizens are not required to obtain a visa to visit Spain if you stay for 90 days or less.  When entering Spain, you will be considered a tourist and not a student since you are not enrolling in a foreign university.

If you are NOT a U.S. citizen, be sure to research entry requirements based on the country that issued your passport.  You may be required to obtain a visa.

For more information on visa and passport requirements, review the passports section below!

Can I use my cell phone abroad?

Yes!  We strongly recommend you contact your carrier to understand how international data works on your plan.  These plans tend to be expensive.  As an alternative, many students choose to buy a local SIM card upon arrival.  Your phone must be unlocked to use an international SIM card.  Contact your carrier to determine if your phone is unlocked.

When will I know my roommate assignment? Can I request a roommate change?

We can change roommates up to 30 days before departure.  Roommate requests are entered on the roommate form linked in your portal.  If you’ve already completed this form and would like to change your request, please email info@LeadAbroad.com.

Final roommates will be released 30 days before departure.  No changes can be made after this time.

Can I receive packages/mail while abroad?

General mail can be received at the dorm while you’re abroad; however, we strongly discourage the mailing of valuable packages (cameras, cell phones, medication, etc) to students while abroad. You will have to pay taxes on the item in order for it to clear customs, and it often takes many days for the process to be completed which delays delivery. Depending on what is being sent, the taxes may be very high (sometimes more than the value of the item itself).

What is the best way for friends/family to contact me while abroad?

Check out the Communication Abroad section below for details.  WiFi is also accessible in our dorms.

If there is an emergency in the U.S. and your family needs to contact LeadAbroad, please have them call our emergency response line at 404.720.5657 and dial extension 710.

This tab features a running series of announcements from the LeadAbroad team as you prepare for an incredible summer!  You can expect an update about once a month.  As we get closer to departure, updates will become more frequent.


November Newsletter – November 13, 2019

December Newsletter – December 16, 2019

January Newsletter – January 16, 2020

March Newsletter – 

April Newsletter – 

60 Days to Departure Newsletter – 

45 Days to Departure Newsletter – 

30 Days to Departure Newsletter – 

10 Days to Departure Newsletter –

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Connect with fellow students online!

Get Ready to Take Off

To make a payment online, log in to your customer portal.

The PRO Barcelona program fee is $6,100.  Please refer to your customer portal for your custom due dates based on when you were accepted to the program.  Further information on all payment policies can be found on our policy page.

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) are accepted for payment online; however, we do not accept American Express. Please remember that a 4% processing fee will be added to all credit card payments. Payment by eCheck is also accepted. eCheck payments do not have a processing fee. Paper checks will not be accepted.

The LeadAbroad team will support you every step of the way when planning your flights!  Please review the sections below as well as the flights FAQ section above for information.

Important dates for PRO Barcelona:

  • Friday, July 3: All students depart the U.S. for Barcelona (BCN)
  • Saturday, July 4: All students arrive into Barcelona
  • Saturday, August 1: All students depart Barcelona for the U.S.

Recommended Itineraries

LeadAbroad recommends booking one of the following itineraries since they are major hubs for international flights to [[PROGRAM]].  Whether you live near one of these hubs and can drive to the airport, or if you need to connect from your hometown airport, we strongly suggest flying on one of these routes.  Students should book all flights under ONE reservation rather than separate tickets if connecting flights are needed.  Review more details below!

Depart: July 3, 2020 (arrive July 4, 2020, airport shuttle will be arranged for arrivals between 8:00pm-9:00pm)
Return: August 1, 2020 (airport shuttle will be arranged for departures between XX:00pm-XX:00pm)

Click here to view on Google Flights!

  • LEAVING USA: Depart ATL at 5:52pm on Delta #194 / Arrive in BCN at 8:50am (arrive next day, July 4)
  • RETURN TO USA: Depart BCN at 10:50am on Delta #195 / Arrive in ATL at 2:55pm

Click here to view on Google Flights!

  • LEAVING USA: Depart IAD at 5:45pm on United #992 / Arrive in BCN at 7:45am (arrive next day, July 4)
  • RETURN TO USA: Depart BCN at 12:00pm on United #991 / Arrive in IAD at 3:05pm

Click here to view on Google Flights!

  • LEAVING USA: Depart JFK at 5:15pm on American #66 / Arrive in BCN at 6:45am (arrive next day, July 4)
  • RETURN TO USA: Depart BCN at 11:15am on American #67 / Arrive in JFK at 2:00pm

Don’t see your hometown/starting airport listed above? No problem! Here is what we recommend:

  • Go to Google Flights, enter your hometown as the origin city and Cape Town (CPT) as your final destination
  • Search for available itineraries within our dates (listed above)
  • Review the options and search for an itinerary with a layover in Atlanta, Houston, or New York that matches one of the recommended flights above
  • Purchase a ticket! This way, all of your flights are booked together, and you’ll be on one of our recommended itineraries.

In order to arrive in country rested and ready to go, consider the following tips to make your flight experience as enjoyable as possible:

  • Print ALL of your flight itineraries for the trip and have them easily accessible.
  • Do not start your trip stressed. GET TO THE AIRPORT EARLY. For most international flights, we recommend that you arrive at the airport at least three hours prior to departure.
  • Weigh your bags before you leave home. Check baggage size and weight restrictions for ALL AIRLINES you might be flying during the program.  Smaller budget airlines abroad usually have stricter baggage policies than the larger U.S.-based carriers.
  • Pack the following items in your carry-on.  If your checked baggage takes an adventure of its own, having these items with you will create less stress and allow for a more comfortable plane ride:
    • Two days worth of clothes
    • Medications/contacts
    • Laptop, cell phone, chargers, other electronics
    • Water bottle/Nalgene
    • Headphones/earbuds
    • Blindfold and ear plugs if you are sensitive to light/sound when trying to sleep on planes
    • Journal/books/Kindle/magazines
    • Program director’s phone number
    • Dorm address
  • Be comfortable on the plane. Dress in layers so that you can easily adapt to the temperature.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of fluid while in the air. It is easy to become dehydrated when flying.
  • Know where your passport is at all times. When checking in at the airport, you will have to get your passport in and out of your bag several times; at each stop, be sure to take a moment for a passport check.
  • Reset your watch. As soon as you board the plane, reset your watch to the local time and try to get on a sleeping pattern that is consistent with your destination. Most students traveling will be on an overnight flight and you will be very grateful if you sleep. Also, remember that if you have to take medications at a certain time during the day or at the same time everyday you might need to adapt this prior to departure.
  • Make special meal requests if necessary. If you have any special requests, be sure to contact the airline at least 72 hours prior to departure.
  • Make sure you have a pen for any immigration forms.  Flight attendants usually distribute arrival forms shortly after take-off.  On these forms, note that you are a tourist, not a student.

To apply for a U.S. passport, click here.  If you are not a U.S. citizen, be sure to thoroughly research passport and visa requirements for citizens of your home country.

If you already have a U.S. passport, check to confirm the following:

  • the expiration date is February 2021 or beyond
  • the passport has at least two blank pages
  • Your name is spelled correctly

If your passport does not have all requirements above, you must renew your passport before traveling abroad.

All students are required to submit passport information via the passport form in the LeadAbroad portal 60 days before departure.  Please do not submit a passport that is expired or in the process of being renewed.  When your new passport arrives, you can then submit your form.

For more information on documents for travel, visit the Department of State passport website or their Students Abroad section.

Students are REQUIRED to watch all LeadAbroad orientations and submit corresponding forms in the online portal.  Videos and due dates are linked below.

Pre-Departure Orientation: All Programs

  • Due date: 60 days before departure
  • Form to submit in your portal by due date: Pre-Departure Form
  • For a slides-only version, click here!

Pre-Departure Orientation: PRO Barcelona Specific

  • Due date: 30 days before departure
  • Form to submit in your portal by due date: Orientation: Program-Specific Form
  • For a slides-only version, click here!

To ensure we have the tools to support you before and during the program, we have several short forms that must be completed 60 days before departure.  Please access your customer portal for all required forms and due dates.

Click here to view the Barcelona packing list!

The most important thing to remember when packing for Barcelona is that summers get VERY warm.  Pack light, comfortable clothing and durable walking shoes.

Do not overpack.  As a general rule, do not bring more bags than you can carry yourself.  Most students can pack all their things in a larger checked bag, one carry-on and small backpack/daypack. CHECK YOUR AIRLINE’S BAGGAGE POLICIES.  Some airlines have carry-on restrictions and charge fees for extra checked bags and overweight luggage.

Applications are posted in your portal under Optional Forms.  DUE DATE: April 5th!

What are program leaders?
On the LeadAbroad team, the program staff are the coaches and program leaders are the team captains – they set the tone and encourage other students by creating a strong sense of community through service projects, social outings, group chats and creative stories. They are the peer leaders who step up when needed and make other students feel included. Whether you’re joining us on GO, LEAD, DIRECT or PRO, our program leaders will help make your experience abroad impactful and lasting.

Why should I apply?
The more you put in, the more you get out. That’s why we have two awesome leadership opportunities on your program abroad. Whether you are your squad’s go to party planner, you’re passionate about giving back or you’re a wizard with video editing, we’d love to invest in you and your talents!

We have two types of program leaders on PRO, so there are multiple ways to plug in on the ground.

Community Leader (apply online through your portal): Are you a leader on campus or interested in becoming one in the future? Do you feel like you’re the “ringleader” of your crew & want to take your skills abroad? Our Community Leader (CL) program is an awesome way to make the most of your summer experience with leadership 101 training, resume boosts and serving as a peer leader on the program. CLs will experience an extra level of investment from our staff (and fun invites), opportunities for social media highlights and a connection with other like-minded students on the program.

Media Leader (apply online through your portal): “If its not on camera, it didn’t happen” is your mantra. Are you someone who makes videos for every trip you go on? Do you have a “fancy” camera for special events or have an interest in photography? Are you already planning out your end-of-program video or following local photographers on Instagram? Sign up to be a media leader & put your skills to use!

Ready to dive into this leadership role?  Apply in your portal before the deadline!

In-Country Details

Hayley Johnson

Hayley Johnson – Program Director

Hayley spends the school year traveling across the country to meet students excited about going abroad and loves connecting with past LeadAbroad students!  This will be Hayley’s third summer on the international leadership team.  She has led programs in Costa Rica, Barcelona and Greece and is thrilled to spend summer 2019 enjoying all things Spain once again!  As our resident Ellen DeGeneres fangirl and expert on the newest binge-worthy TV show, Hayley’s sense of humor and positive attitude inspires hundreds of students every year.

Andreu Gual Falcó

Andreu Gual Falcó – Corkscrew Coach

Coming soon!

Laura Allen

Laura Allen – Assistant Program Director

Heyo! My name is Laura Allen, (my friends call me LA). I am a junior at the University of Georgia studying Advertising and Spanish. Narrowing down the soundtrack of my life is so hard, I have favorites on all spectrums from Lauren Daigle to Weird Al to Post Malone…I’d like to think I’m a pretty relatable person with a broad list of favorites. However, for my life soundtrack I’ll say “HAPPINESS” by NEEDTOBREATHE is a good representation. I’ve learned a lot and yet am chasing everything I’ve yet to learn, loving deeply, but I just feel so called to keep going and traveling and finding happiness with others along the way! As a little kiddo I wanted to be a Congresswoman…I laugh at this now, because at age 5 I was such a feminist telling all the other kids they would see me on Capitol Hill one day but they had to admire my spunk. I wish I watched more Youtube, but I’d have to say my go-to video will always be Bonquiqui (or anything SNL because that’s another dream of mine) .

#ConfidenceisKey would have to be my life hashtag. I am a huge supporter of crazy, random opportunities. I’ve been blessed to experience tons of them in my short lifetime just because I had enough confidence to actually go for them (like this one!!). I love giving a good confidence pep-talk to others, because they deserve to believe they are capable. I have a pretty strong sense of humor and my faith is so important to me. The one thing I am most confident about is that, no matter what happens, I will be okay. Every time an opportunity did not work out how I wanted, it led me to something greater. #ConfidenceisKey because it can literally take you ANYWHERE!

Lydia Fielder

Lydia Fielder – Assistant Program Director

As a Type 3 on the Enneagram scale, Lydia is always seeking her next challenge. Be it running a marathon or leading students abroad, excitement is her love language. She ultimately wants to be an international journalist. You can find Lydia tearing up the dance floor, trying to get on the jumbotron at sporting events, or driving with the windows-down and One Direction on repeat.

Katie Andraschko – Assistant Program Director

Katie is a senior at THE Ohio State University studying social work, studio art, sustainability and nonprofit studies. If her studies didn’t give you a hint, it’s fair to stay that Katie likes to keep herself busy and is constantly learning new things. With a wide variety of passions Katie is always up for an adventure and try something new. If Katie isn’t telling cheesy dad jokes or playing board games with her friends than you can most likely find her teaching yoga, creating art, or doing something outside. Katie believes that if she was any animal she would be a baby goat- which is the reason behind her favorite youtube video: buttermilk plays with her friends. The soundtrack to Katie’s life would be an eclectic mix of songs including Sunday Candy by the Social Experiment and AJR’s 100 Bad Days. #SpreadYourEnergy #AlwaysAdvancing

Ashley McLaren – Assistant Program Director

I am currently a junior at The University of Alabama! My all time favorite song would be “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts and my favorite youtube video will always be “Charlie Bit My Finger”. My dream growing up was to be a photographer for National Geographic & I always like to live by the motto #LiveFreeOrDie

Students will be staying in apartment style accommodations a 25 walk to their work site or a quick 7 min metro ride.  Students will be notified of their apartment placement 30 days before departure. Apartments are located near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes.

Apartments are located at:

Carrer de la Diputació, 456
08013 Barcelona

For a summary of housing policies, click here!

All students must pay a $100 housing deposit via the LeadAbroad portal to secure their accommodations and room request. The deposit will be held for any room damages or housing fines that are incurred during the program. If a student incurs a fine that is deducted from their deposit, they will be notified via email. If the fine charged exceeds $100, an additional invoice will be issued to the student and their emergency contact and must be paid immediately upon issuance. Failure to do so will result in additional consequences including being removed from the program. The balance of each students’ deposit will be returned to the original method of payment within 45 days of the program’s completion.

Click here for roommate assignments

To request a roommate, please submit the roommate form in your online portal.  Roommate forms are due 60 days before departure.  Final housing assignments will be posted about one month before departure.  Once roommates are posted, we cannot make any changes.  If you’ve already submitted your roommate form but wish to make a change to your request, please email info@LeadAbroad.com no later than 60 days before departure.

Click here for a day-to-day overview of PRO Barcelona (sample calendar from 2019)!

The 2020 schedule will be posted to an app called Trip Plans.  Stay tuned for an email with instructions on how to download in mid May 2020!

There are many ways to stay in touch while traveling abroad. Wireless internet is available throughout our hotels.  Please note that internet speeds can fluctuate depending on traffic. Internet can be slow and unpredictable, especially when all students are trying to upload pictures or watch videos at the same time. We ask all students and parents to be patient with the internet. Students will have more success using the internet if they use it at off-peak times.

LeadAbroad requires students to have cell phones while abroad for risk management purposes. Students can:

  • Bring an unlocked phone and buy a local SIM card upon arrival
  • Add an international package to current phone plan
  • Rent/buy a local cell phone

With Wi-Fi readily available in most locations, you are encouraged to utilize internet texting apps (iMessage for iPhone to iPhone, Groupme, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts) to communicate with program staff and family and friends at home.

In addition, we integrate technology into our communications and risk management strategy to keep students safe. Therefore, we require students to download the following applications on their phone prior to departure:

  • Groupme
  • Find my Friends
  • State Department
  • Facebook

If there is an emergency at home while you are abroad, our team will support you and your family in every way possible.  Should any friends and/or family need to contact LeadAbroad, please have them call our U.S.-based domestic team at 404.720.5657.  For emergencies, dial extension 710 when prompted.  Our on-call team will assist with the situation and get in touch with your program staff as needed.

Click here for a budget planning worksheet.

This worksheet will allow you to understand costs outside of the program fees and airfare.  Review this section in detail and email us at info@LeadAbroad.com with any further budgeting questions.

Before you leave, notify your bank of your international travel plans.  Most banks allow you to post a travel notice through your account online, or you can give them a call.  Be sure to include your entire itinerary with layovers or other known weekend destinations. Debit and credit cards can be blocked after transactions abroad because your bank may assume it is a fraudulent transaction.

Debit cards are the best way to access cash overseas.  ATMs are widely available everywhere we travel.  Debit cards with Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus or Plus signs are the most widely accepted.  There may be a transaction fee for using ATMs abroad; therefore, it’s important to understand the fees associated with using your cards overseas.  Keep records of your debit/credit numbers and PINs with someone at home.

Credit cards can be used similarly to debit cards at restaurants and shops abroad.  Most major credit cards are honored abroad (i.e. MasterCard and Visa). Similarly to debit cards, credit card companies use the current exchange rate for your transaction. Call your credit card company to understand the fees charged per transaction.

We do not recommend bringing large sums of U.S. dollars abroad.  It is not convenient to exchange cash, and students typically get a better exchange rate by using ATMs for cash or debit/credit cards.

The program fees cover many of the costs of being in country, but you will need to provide additional funds for:

  • Meals: We will host a welcome and final dinner. All other meals are the responsibility of the student.
  • Incidentals: Internet, phone calls, transportation to non-program events
  • Free time: Independent evenings and additional outings
  • Weekend travel
  • Gifts and souvenirs

Meals: One of the best aspects of Barcelona is the incredible restaurant scene. From casual neighborhood spots to some of the best restaurants in the world, Barcelona has a wide range of dining options. At mid-range restaurants, dinners range from $20-$30. Since our dorm rooms come with a mini-kitchen, we recommend that students shop at restaurants and markets so they can prepare breakfast and lunch and then eat out for dinner.

Internet/Cell Phone: Since we have Wi-Fi at our dorm and university, internet charges should be minimal. Cell phone charges vary greatly.  International plans tend to be $50 per 100MB of data.  Costs for a local cell phone will be around 70-100 euros plus prepaid minutes.  Contact your cell phone carrier to understand your specific options.

Transportation: We recommend that students purchase the T-10 metro card. The metro is a fast and reliable way to get around Barcelona. While the metro is extensive, we recommend that students stay in groups at night. Some destinations will require a taxi. Barcelona taxis are comparable to those in in major cities in the U.S. like New York and Chicago.

Laundry: We will have self-service washing machines and dryers in our dorm accommodation. For a few Euros, you can wash, dry and clean your clothes.

Other Activities: There are a variety of activities to enjoy around Barcelona. Here are a few ideas. Our team can help you plan any additional activities that you would like to enjoy.

  • Daytrip to Montserrat (60-80€)
  • Wine tasting in Penedes (100€)
  • Visit to Fundcio Joan Miro (11€)
  • Day at Barceloneta Beach (Free)
  • Guided tour of Sagrada Familia (20€)
  • Tour of Casa Battlo and Gaudi architecture (30-40€)
  • Visit to Camp Nou soccer stadium (25-40€)
  • Tapas tour of Barcleona (70-90€)

To charge your electronics abroad, will need pack (or purchase when you arrive) an outlet adaptor.  A quick search on Amazon will provide several options!  For some items like hair dryers and straighteners, you will also need to purchase a voltage converter since voltage is much higher in Europe than the US.  If you do not use a converter, you could damage your appliance.

We encourage students to be mindful of their electronics while traveling. It is wise to conceal electronic devices when walking around as iPhones and laptops can be attractive for theft.

LeadAbroad strongly encourages students to be mindful of their health prior to departure and while abroad.  Living in a new environment, eating different cuisine and adjusting to a new schedule can impact one’s immune system.  Before you travel overseas, students should examine the factors that contribute to their physical and emotional wellbeing so that they can stay healthy and get the most out of their trip.

    1. Read and understand the CDC recommendations for your upcoming travel. The CDC website includes information on vaccines, medicines, packing lists as well as information to prepare students to stay healthy and safe.
    2. Make an appointment with your university’s travel clinic, dentist and other medical professionals. Students can proactively eliminate many potential health issues by ensuring they are in good health prior to departure. Additionally, during these visits, make sure your health records and prescriptions (including eyeglasses) are up-to-date. If you are taking a prescription medication, please ensure that you have enough for the whole program and that the medication is in the original container. If you self-inject prescribed medication, please carry needles and syringes with you. It’s important to understand that LeadAbroad will not distribute any form of prescription or nonprescription medication to students. We recommend every student travel with a medical kit.
    3. Be honest with yourself regarding your emotional health. Students that are concerned about their emotional stability or use of alcohol/drugs should address it honestly before making plans to travel. Contrary to many people’s expectations, travel does not minimize these problems; in fact, it can often exacerbate them.
    4. Contact us directly at info@LeadAbroad.com with any specific medical issues we should be aware of at least three months prior to departure.  Our team is better equipped to support you abroad if we know your health history and emotional health. Please share this information with us prior to departure.

Click here to view LeadAbroad’s health insurance policy.

Basic medical insurance is included in all students’ program fee. Please review the policy to become knowledgeable regarding the types of medical conditions and situations that are covered while you are participating on a LeadAbroad program.  If you are injured or ill while you are abroad and need medical attention, you will likely need to pay for the treatment upfront, and if covered the money will be reimbursed by LeadAbroad’s insurer after submitting your claims form.  If for any reason you need to seek medical assistance while abroad, a LeadAbroad staff member will accompany you to the doctor. Please contact us first if you have any sort of emergency.

It’s important to note that this medical insurance is not ‘travel insurance’ and therefore does not cover the cost lost or stolen luggage or cancellation of the trip. Students may purchase travel insurance independently through an outside provider. For more information on the different types of travel insurance you can click here.

LeadAbroad’s Emergency Response Protocol provides a system for coordinating the management of emergency services for all participants in our study abroad programs. In-country staff are the first point of contact for students on the program in the event of an emergency and assume leadership of the emergency situation until other resources (e.g., local police, etc) are available. However, in the event that the staff are unavailable, the following guidelines are provided here in case you, as a participant in the program, need to handle an emergency.

  1. Ensure safety: Your first priority is to safeguard the safety and well-being of yourself and other program participants. Do whatever is reasonably necessary to ensure safety.
  2. Seek medical care: Obtain any emergency medical care for affected participants as soon as possible.
  3. Control emotions: Remain as calm as possible. Do your best to diffuse any growing anxieties that may be occurring among participants.
  4. Communicate (as applicable). Depending on the nature of the emergency, it may be necessary to contact medical or emergency services, police or local law enforcement or the US embassy.
  5. Ongoing support: Continue to monitor, aid, and communicate status updates as the situation progresses.
  6. Debrief: Meet with LeadAbroad staff to discuss the situation, how it was handled and steps that were taken to resolve the emergency.

Reducing Risk Abroad

LeadAbroad takes many steps to reduce risk abroad.  You will be registered with the U.S. State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. The benefits of STEP include the following:

  • Receive important information from the Embassy about safety conditions in your destination country, helping you make informed decisions about your travel plans.
  • Help the U.S. Embassy contact you in an emergency, whether natural disaster, civil unrest or family emergency.
  • Help family and friends get in touch with you in an emergency.

You will be given a keychain with emergency contact numbers and the address of our accommodations.

Please review the following resources to ensure that you are informed on how to have a safe and healthy trip abroad:

CDC recommendations on preparing for a healthy trip
State Department travel recommendations for student travelers
State Department recommendations for women travelers

All students are required to be familiar with all program rules.  Please click here to review on our policies page.