We like to think you can never be too prepared when traveling abroad! Even though we give each student a detailed packing list for their program, sometimes it is best to hear some insider tips from past students. Whether you’re looking for plane ride essentials or on the ground clothes, you never know what unexpected packing tips may come in handy. We spoke to past students and gathered a few items they wished they packed for their program.


For Cape Town, many students emphasized how they wish they packed more warm clothes. Our summer is actually their winter, meaning there will definitely be some chilly nights and cool mornings. It’s all about the layers in Cape Town. Since there’s so much to do in Cape Town, our past students also recommend to bring a wide variety of clothing. Jeans and sweaters mixed with athletic wear and sneakers makes for the perfect Cape Town suitcase.

A popular “Must Have” in Costa Rica is a neck pillow. Between the flight to Costa Rica and the bus rides, our students want to be comfy. Another item students recommend is to bring some extra snacks. With our action-packed program full of hands-on service and adventures, having quick go-to snacks on hand has proved to be helpful for many students.


Our past Rome students recommend packing a comfy yet cute pair of shoes. There’s so much to explore in Rome and the last thing you want is to be dealing with blisters all week! Whether it’s cute tennis shoes or comfy sandals, having this basic in your bag is essential.

Although it’ll be summer in Greece, the nights tend to get chilly. Our former Greece students advise future students to make sure they bring something to stay warm at night. A cardigan or light jacket will go a long way in keeping you comfortable.


For our Barcelona program, many students recommend bringing a beach bag or tote so you can go straight from class to the beach! We want to you make the most of your time in Spain. Coming to class prepared for beach-side relaxing and picnics allows our students to spend all afternoon lounging in the sun.

Although we have some program specific items, our former students had some items that can be useful on any program. A top “Must Have” item was a portable charger. Our days can be long and busy, so students may want to have a portable charger on hand. A portable charger will come in handy for bus rides and tours, giving you optimal battery level for photos. Another fan favorite was packing an extra bag for the plane. Having a well packed carry on filled with essentials is important in case you lose your luggage. This carry-on should be filled with extra clothes, basic toiletries and medicines, just in case you have to go a few days without your luggage. Having this extra bag can come in handy for weekend trips and our Garden Route experience in Cape Town!


Our past students know what they’re talking about, and we are already scoping out the best sales to prepare for 2021 travels. Our team will give you a packing list before your program complete with links and photos for assistance to you have everything you need while abroad!