The staff on our programs is one of the things that makes Go Global so unique. Hannah Hall, a junior at Texas A&M University, interviewed Ish, our Cape Town Activities Director! Ish has been involved with our Cape Town program since the very first year and does an amazing job serving our students. Q: How … Continue Reading »

Students, As you wrap up the semester and head home for the holidays, you’ll finally have the opportunity to sit down with your parents and discuss the possibilities of traveling abroad with us. Maybe you’ve already been accepted, and you’re figuring out all the details now. Or maybe you’ve held off on applying because you … Continue Reading »

Blogs are huge. Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, company blogs, and personal blogs have taken over the web. It’s a new and exciting way to creatively present ideas to anyone and everyone who can access the Internet, reaching a really large audience. Travel blogs are no exception. Wanderlust consumes people; the travel bug is real. And what … Continue Reading »

While abroad, you are going to learn so many things about cultural differences. The exposure to new perspectives and unfamiliar, yet heartwarming demonstrations of humanity will begin to shape you in ways that a lack of travel experience could never replace. Through all that you see and all that you do, you will expand your … Continue Reading »