At LeadAbroad, our students are like family. When we see them accomplish something amazing, we love to show our support. Our former student, Bryce Bradley started her own loungewear business called Boundless Loungewear. We chatted with Bryce to learn more about her experience as an entrepreneur and to get some insight as to what it’s like running your own business.

Bryce was a student on our 2019 LEAD Cape Town program. Signing up knowing no one, she was eager to travel across the world and explore. After a few weeks in Cape Town, she ended up leaving with 80 new friends who she still talks to today. “Some of my funniest memories were with my roommates, LeadAbroad matched me with amazing roommates and we always knew how to make each other laugh,” said Bryce.


The summer before her graduation, Bryce knew she wanted to get out and travel. She chose LeadAbroad because we were one of the only companies who had a trip to South Africa and she was dying to visit. After learning about us through friends who had also traveled with LeadAbroad, she knew she needed to sign up. “I consider my trip to South Africa one of the most influential times in my life. It really shaped me to be who I am today,” said Bryce.



Fast forward to 2020, Bryce is now the CEO and co-founder of Boundless, an online women’s loungewear company. Boundless was founded this summer after Bryce and her sister were staying at home because of the pandemic and realized they were only wearing loungewear. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Bryce thought it would be the perfect idea to create her own loungewear company.

Boundless offers quality loungewear pieces that serve simplicity and comfort. They carry several brands in addition to their own custom-made pieces. Their clothing ranges from sweatshirts and sweatpants to matching loungewear sets.



“My advice for anyone wanting to start their own business it to just do it! Stop overthinking, second-guessing and procrastinating, you have to start somewhere and perfect it later,” said Bryce. Something Bryce has learned as an entrepreneur is the importance of consistency and commitment. “You have to love what you’re doing or selling or it will never work” she said.

Bryce credits her time in Cape Town to who she is today. She discovered her strengths and learned how to use them to inspire and empower others. “The vision I have for my life is clearer than ever, and because of that, I can quickly identify opportunities that are in line with that vision. Instead of letting my weaknesses hold me back, I work on using my strengths to my advantage” she said.


We all know that traveling abroad can be a big decision. We asked Bryce if she had any advice for future LeadAbroad students and she did not disappoint. “My advice would be to be present. Take advantage of everything, get as much out of this experience as you can. Don’t be afraid to sign up alone, you’ll meet so many amazing people. And finally, take all the pictures! This is a once in a lifetime trip and you’ll want to look back on these memories forever.”

We cannot express how proud we are of Bryce. As a former LeadAbroad student and current female entrepreneur, we know she is ready for anything. Looking into the future, Bryce is excited to see growth in Boundless and growth within herself, and we’re excited to see all that she can accomplish!