Community Leader Dij Howes wrote a guest post on the blog just a few weeks ago about the differences between Go Global and other study abroad programs, based on her super impressive long list of study abroad experiences. And…she’s back! Today, Dij wants to enlighten you further about what studying abroad has done for her … Continue Reading »

As Thanksgiving approaches, we reflect on the things we are grateful for more than ever. A roof over our head, a meal to eat, clothes to wear, friends to hug, the opportunity to go to school…the opportunity to travel. We’ve seen firsthand what it’s like for children and families who don’t have basic needs, people … Continue Reading »

Community Leader Kadija Howes, also known as “Dij,” embraces study abroad opportunities more than most. Read here to find out why Dij wholeheartedly loves the Go Global program in comparison to her many other study abroad experiences: Guest Post by: Kadija Howes “Joseph Campbell once said, “The big question is whether you are going to … Continue Reading »