College students today feel an immense amount of pressure to get at least one internship before graduating. Often, due to busy school schedules, extra-cirricular activities, and jobs during the school year, they feel an obligation to get an internship during the summer. Unfortunately, we see a lot of students giving up their study abroad dreams to fulfill … Continue Reading »

While abroad, you are going to learn so many things about cultural differences. The exposure to new perspectives and unfamiliar, yet heartwarming demonstrations of humanity will begin to shape you in ways that a lack of travel experience could never replace. Through all that you see and all that you do, you will expand your … Continue Reading »

Community Leader Dij Howes wrote a guest post on the blog just a few weeks ago about the differences between Go Global and other study abroad programs, based on her super impressive long list of study abroad experiences. And…she’s back! Today, Dij wants to enlighten you further about what studying abroad has done for her … Continue Reading »