Between meeting with a Go Global representative, talking with a former student, or reading our website, blog, and social media accounts, you may have picked up on the idea that the Go Global family really is just that — a family. There are many ways that the staff, former students, and prospective students stay in touch with one another, but in this day and age of technology, a unique and easy way for us to do so is to use hashtags. Whether it be abroad on a Go Global trip, back home in the States, or on any travel experience at all, Go Global encourages everyone to use the hashtag #todaysadventure on any social media account — be it Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter, to be able to keep a piece of a major Go Global component: taking opportunities and living out adventures, with us wherever we are. It encourages everyone to live the day fully, and also allows everyone to see what is going on in the family. By clicking the hashtag, everything that has ever been posted with that same hashtag appears. It’s fun to scroll through #todaysadventure and see what everyone has been up to, and how they are keeping the Go Global spirit alive in their everyday world! Here are a few examples of how our students have been using #todaysadventure. Just click and scroll to view the gallery!

Here’s a challenge from us to you:

Live out each day as an adventure. Go out into the world today and do something that you can feel good about, something that allows you to feel accomplished or excited about life. Then hashtag #todaysadventure…we want to hear from you!

What will your adventure be?

-Anna and the Go Global team