My very first memory of Cape Town was walking off of the plane into the airport. This is it. I’m really here. I was greeted by a super smiley girl, probably the most joyful person I’ve ever seen. (She’s smiling right now as she’s reading this because she knows I just included her favorite word ‘joy’ on purpose. She’s also smiling because that’s just what she does. She always smiles). I was kind of confused about her role, as I hadn’t had my introduction to Go Global yet and met all of the staff members, but I happily followed her instructions because she made me feel so at ease.

That’s Kelsey.

Kelsey was my intern in Cape Town when I was a student in 2014. She was a Cape Town student herself, as well, and Go Global is thrilled to announce that she has now joined the team full-time! She will be working with Pierce as the Assistant Program Director in Greece this summer. In the school year, you may even see Kelsey at your University, meeting with students and helping them get abroad!

To help you get to know her, we’ve included an interview for you to read:

GG: What are you most excited about as you start working with Go Global?

Kelsey: “I’m not sure if I can fully put into words my excitement about joining this team. The people are filled with heart, dedication and zeal. The mission of Go Global actively inspires the lives of thousands to make a ripple effect around the world. Also, the travel is a pretty sweet addition! Mostly, I am just thrilled to be a part of something that made such an incredible impact on my life, and I look forward to continuing to share the impact with many more people to come.”

GG: What has been your favorite travel experience? 
Kelsey: “Some of my favorite Go Global memories include a backwards bungee jump in Cape Town and seeing some of my favorite Sir Lowry’s Pass kids grow up. I also recently traveled with my family to Ireland. The beautiful country was filled with so much history. It constantly amazed me to stumble upon ancient castles everywhere we went. If you have never been, you must add it to you list!”

GG: What are 3 unique facts about you?
Kelsey: “1. In high school, I was a pole-vaulter even though I was terrified of heights.
2. I own every single Backstreet Boys CD and their hit-clips (remember those?). My little sister and I used to make up dances to their songs when we were younger. We may even bust out those moves during the holidays.
3. I have been snow skiing my entire life, but I don’t remember actually learning to ski. I’m 99% convinced my parents lied about my age for ski school, so they could explore the mountain themselves. Not being able to snow ski every weekend is probably the only thing I don’t like about living in Georgia.”

GG: What is a “can’t miss” aspect of your hometown?
Kelsey: “I live on a lake in Jonesboro, a little town just south of Atlanta. Around one little inlet, we have a secret rope swing. Not many know about it, but those who do know where to find hours of fun every summer. Everyone and anyone is always welcome to join me. I guarantee you will fall in love with Jonesboro, just as I have.”

GG: What are you reading now?
Kelsey:Wild by Cherly Strayed”

GG: What words do you live by?
Kelsey: “Therefore, do not go where the path may lead. Go where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Emerson

Kelsey is one of the most inspirational and kindhearted people I’ve ever known, so I’m thrilled to be working with her again! Most of all, I know I have some big shoes to fill as I take on her previous role of Cape Town intern. She is simply the best.

Make sure you greet Kelsey with a cheerful smile when you meet her! It will unequivocally be reciprocated.

-Anna and the Go Global team