On the last week of our Go Global trips, we wrap up in the classroom by re-discussing all of the life lessons and skill-sets we have taught and learned, and we ask each of our community groups to decide on the three biggest takeaways they gained from their program.

Each of the groups presented their answers to the classroom, which you can view in the gallery below:


Some of our 2014 Community Leaders’ personal takeaways…

1.I hate peanut butter.
2. I am actually ambitious and adventurous.
3. If i step out of my comfort zone, good things happen.

-Dij Howes

1. Fear is temporary-regret is forever!
2. It’s okay to not know your major, or what your plans are after graduation…and its certainly okay to backtrack and change your mind 100 times. You are allowed to take time to figure things out. Life isn’t a set timeline — work at your own pace, not at the world’s!

-Taylor Brock

1. Great things happen when you’re surrounded by positive people. On the trip, being surrounded by positive people encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and be myself to the fullest extent.

-Emily Hauben

1. It’s the direction, not the intention, that determines where you are going; every single day. Are you moving closer or further away from where you want to go?

-Craig Borne

1..When you are vulnerable, you are real, and when you are real, you develop truly genuine and one of a kind relationships
2. Joy does not rest in circumstance.

-Elena Michiels

Each year we learn so many new things from new people, new places, and new adventures. We’re excited to see what our biggest takeaways will be this year!

-Anna and the Go Global team