Sam on Table Mountain

Table Mountain: CONQUERED! Read about how Sam Reilly, a junior at the University of Michigan, made it to the top!

1. Wow this mountain is massive. How long is it going to take to get to the top?

2. Oh, this isn’t too bad! I’ll be able to keep up and we’ll get there in no time.

3. This trail is actually a lot steeper than I thought. My legs aren’t long enough to climb all these rocks. I’m practically rock climbing.

4. Are we at least halfway there yet? (Note: Don’t ask this question aloud to Ish because whether you’re five minutes into the hike or one hour into the hike, he’ll respond “Yes!”)

5. I should turn around more often to savor the view because it is absolutely incredible.

6. *panting* Is anyone else ready for another break or is it just me?

7. Are we almost there?

8. I should have taken the cable car up with Anna. I should have raised my hand when Joanna offered us the option earlier.

9. Ok good I’m not the only one that’s out of breath and in need of another water break.

10. Are we almost there?

And finally…
11. This is the most incredible view I have ever seen in my life. The past two hours were grueling and difficult, but I would climb the mountain again and again just to keep seeing this view. I am so lucky to be here and can’t believe I conquered something I, at one point, thought would be impossible.

Climbing Table Mountain