Go Global encourages students to commit to connect, dive in and leave with no regrets. Read about how Kate Cunningham, a junior at the University of Mississippi, is taking our approach to heart!

During our first big group meeting in Cape Town, our community leaders spoke to us about “leaving it all on the bridge”: leaving all of the negative aspects in our lives behind and jumping into new, positive experiences. In my case, this trip is teaching me how to leave my fear of going out of my comfort zone on the bridge. I have always let my fear of negative consequences get in the way of everything in my life. A week ago, if you asked me if I was planning on doing anything extreme in Africa, I would’ve said absolutely not because everything is too dangerous. However, as soon as I got here, I was overcome by everyone’s optimistic energy. The people here have a special “live life to its fullest” attitude that brings out my inner adventurer. Two days ago I was sand boarding down hundred foot dunes, yesterday I climbed up table mountain, and tomorrow I’m learning how to surf. I embraced a new “don’t look, just jump” attitude the second I got here, and it’s already transforming me. I can’t wait to take everything I have learned about myself here home, and to start applying this newfound optimism to my daily life.

Sand boarding