The best tuna tartar you have ever had!

Today’s blogger in Cape Town is Lesley Clark. Lesley is a junior at the University of South Carolina. As an expert foodie, we definitely trust her recommendations for great spots to check out in Cape Town!

From one foodie to another, here are five places you must go while in Cape Town… Delicious donuts in Cape Town!

  1. The Old Biscuit Mill: This market is the city’s hot spot on Saturday mornings. From the eggs benedict to the mini pancakes, you can’t go wrong here!
  2. Café Caprice: This was definitely one of my favorite restaurants I went to while in Cape Town. Aside from their amazing drink menu, their entrees and burgers were no less than amazing
  3. The Royal Eatery: So first you must start with one of their many delicious milkshakes. Next you move to the burger menu, which has so many awesome burger combinations that it is almost too hard to choose.
  4. Harbour House: If you like tuna, the tuna tartar is a must! There wasn’t a single dish at our table that wasn’t licked clean by the time we were done!
  5. Belthazar: For all of you wine drinkers out there, this is your place! They have the reputation of having the largest “wine by the glass” wine bar and have also been voted the best steakhouse in South Africa!