The staff on our programs is one of the things that makes Go Global so unique. Hannah Hall, a junior at Texas A&M University, interviewed Ish, our Cape Town Activities Director! Ish has been involved with our Cape Town program since the very first year and does an amazing job serving our students.

Q: How did you find Go Global?
A: I found Go Global 7 years ago as a driver working for the hotel and Go Global actually found me

Q: What’s your favorite part about Go Global?
A: Connecting and getting to know students and teaching them about the culture of Cape Town and South Africa

Q: How much sleep do you get per night?
A: 3-5 hours on average

Q: Why do you not get a lot of sleep?
A: Because I keep students safe when they go out. Safety is my #1 rule and I don’t let students do stupid things. Also, stay away from creepers.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Cape Town?
A: Learning something new everyday. My business and driving people brings a new ride everyday.

Q: Top 5 things Go Global students need to do during their time in Cape Town:
1. Eat
2. Try something local
3. Go beyond your comfort zone
4. Meet as many locals as possible
5. Eat at a gatsby

Q: The best local places to eat:
A: Royal Eatery, Eastern Bizarre, Nando’s

Q: Top 3 adventures to go on:
1. Shark cage diving
2. Skydiving
3. Bungee jumping

Q: Describe yourself in one word:
Incredible. I don’t sleep or eat, and I am your bodyguard, your mom, your dad and I do it all.

Q: A piece of advice while in Cape Town:
Come to Cape Town and try to do as much as you can because time is limited and runs out faster than you know

Ish! Thanks for truly being incredible. We all love you so much and Go Global would not be the incredible company it is without you on the team. I will miss you and hope to return to Cape Town to see you very soon!

Hannah and Ish