Students at the airport

Anna Lee Price, a junior at the University of Alabama, perfectly describes how most of our students feel when first venturing away from home on a Go Global trip. Check it out below!

You’re going to South Africa!!! You are headed to the airport to embark on an adventure of a lifetime without knowing what to expect. To help you out a little, I am going tell you the realization of a few of the feelings I got on my 20-hour trek to Cape Town. So when you experience these… I promise you are not alone.

1. Excited
Who wouldn’t be? This was my first feeling when I was about to leave. I had seen videos and heard stories of previous students and I was so excited to spend my summer studying abroad.

2. Eager
As I packed my suitcases in the car, I just wanted to blink and be there. If you are like me, I had been constantly talking and thinking about it this trip for months and I was just ready to takeoff.

3. Nervous
You arrive at the airport and check your luggage. You look around and think is it actually here? The excitement was still there, but there were some nerves creeping up on me. I had no idea what was about to happen in these next five weeks abroad.

4. Sad
Yes… I know this is not a positive one, but it happens. You are leaving your friends and family for over a month so it is fine to be sad. As I sat on the plane, I thought about everyone I would miss back home and felt a little homesick already. Just think about what you have to look forward to and that will cheer you back up quickly like it did me.

5. Scared
So as 10 hours had passed on the plane, it actually hit me that I was traveling to the other side of the world. I knew I was about to take risk, step out of my comfort zone, and take on new things I never thought I would and that scared me… but again it happens and that is fine. New things are scary, but they help you grow and I could not wait to take on all of the challenges.

6. Pumped
That is the only word to describe how I felt the night we arrived. As I got to the hotel, unpacked, and went to bed, all I could think about was what tomorrow would bring and I was pumped. I had survived the plane ride (didn’t loose my luggage) and I was ready to take on all that Cape Town had to offer.

After being here for only two days know, I already feel at home. You might be nervous or thrilled, but as soon as you get here, meet the staff, and see how beautiful this place is I know you will fall in love. After day one… I fell in love and never want to leave Cape Town.

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