New friends in Cape Town

Even though our LEAD Cape Town students are only finishing week 1, Katharyn Neil, a junior at Auburn University, is already recognizing the value of living outside of your comfort zone with Go Global.

As I was looking out over the ocean from Signal Hill, on my first day of being in Cape Town, I thought to myself, here is my summer. The ocean looked never ending and you could barely recognize where the water ended and the sky began. The vastness of this sight made me think about how much time I had here and how many opportunities were about to come flooding into my life.

I have always thought that life is about overcoming obstacles, which is so much of what this trip has already revealed itself to be about. When I signed up for this program I didn’t know anyone going at the time, which was exciting but also made me really nervous. As soon as the trip began though, I immediately found people who I shared connections with. All my anxiety was washed away and I was able to focus on the opportunities ahead of me.

Breaking away from my comfort zone offered me a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet new friends and gain new perspectives that I never would have known about had I let my worries take over. Each time you conquer a fear or step outside your comfort zone you gain the empowering knowledge that whatever life throws your way, you are strong enough to handle it. Looking out over the water I was excited for all the opportunities I was about to experience and learn from.