Exploring the Parthenon

Nicole Vahalik, a senior at the University of Kentucky, gives us more great tips on touring Athens!

1. Listen to your tour guide
Our tour guide Jimmy was great and so knowledgeable about the history of Greece especially the history of Acropolis and the Parthenon. Having Jimmy explain everything in the museum before going up to the Parthenon gave us such a better understanding of what it actually was instead of us just thinking we were staring at some cool looking rocks.

2. Comfy shoes
The right pair of shoes will make your day so much more enjoyable. The walk up Acropolis is mainly rocks and dirt so sandals aren’t a good choice. Also it’s a long day and you want to enjoy it, and not be complaining about your feet!

3. Sun screen and water
It was about 85 degrees today so having water and sun screen were key! The day is also pretty long so you will get tired and thirsty so get some water before you go in before they don’t have any once you get in.

4. Pay attention to where you are walking
The rocks are pretty slippery and its very easy to fall to make sure you watch your step or else you might face plant!

5. Be respectful
We forget that the Parthenon is very scared to the people of Greece so its important what when you go up there you aren’t loud and are only taking respectful pictures.

Visiting the Parthenon