Enjoying the view of Table Mountain

Lauren Hogan, a junior at Carroll Community College, shares her experience of studying abroad while attending community college and has some great advice to others considering going abroad but are not sure if it is the right thing for them! Check out her blog below!

It has been exactly one week and one day since I have arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, and let me tell anyone out there that it has already been truly life changing, and I can’t imagine what the next month has waiting for me. One thing that really sets me apart from everyone else on this trip is I am the only student from community college studying abroad here, and it was something that I was worried about coming here and not being able to truly connect with all the other students coming. As this was a worry to me, I can definitely now say this has been the least of my worries since I have came here, which is why I want to inspire all you students at community colleges to branch out and join the journey. I was mostly worried about not being able to talk about what sorority I am in, or cool things at my school, or what my roommates were like and end up feeling left out in the end because often that’s how many community college students feel like when their friends come back from their fun cool colleges, or that’s how I feel at least. Since I have gotten here I have been so busy between what Go Global has planned for me, and also places I have wanted to go myself that no one has time to even talk much about their lives outside of the present we are living in now because every moment here is breathtaking and that is what you will be focused on. I have talked to many community college students who have said “oh I would love to study abroad, but I can’t because I am at community college” I am here to say “YES YOU CAN!” Do it while you can and enjoy it while you can, us community college students have the same opportunity just as everyone else, so take advantage of being able to study abroad while your in school. If anything, I think many University students are used to the being away from their parents, having roommates, and grocery shopping for yourself, when for myself this is all completely new to me. It is definitely more adjusting and a bigger change to take on, but I look at that as a challenge and tell myself I can tackle this challenge full force or dwell on it; and I have decided to act on it and take in every moment of this new experience with myself. Overall, as you may hear some students saying “my roommates are awesome at school” as a community college student, I jump right in and say “same, my mom is my roommate and she’s awesome” and then move onto the next conversation, because it’s always about making the best about every situation.

Three tips I have for Community College Students interested in looking abroad is:
1. Don’t think you will feel left out because you will be so wrapped up in all the amazing things that will be the least of your worries

2. If you are looking for a change or something different in your life this is the trip you want to take!

3. Lastly, if you are one to not really go out of your comfort zone this is the way you should do it and still feel comfortable (the awesome people you meet is what helps).

Beautiful scenery in Cape Town