Perspectives often shift while studying abroad. Jordan Caten, a junior at Auburn University, describes her experience in Greece below!

While studying abroad in Greece, I have realized very quickly it begins with all the small things this country has to offer. For example, if you’re expecting to go lunch and get a quick paced meal like we do so easily in America, it’s not going to happen! The Greeks like to take their time and sometimes it takes about 15 minutes to get greeted, I am not saying this is a bad thing by any means, I am saying it makes you appreciate the little things like getting to chat longer with the people at your table and take your time. When we hiked to the Parthenon, it was amazing how all the small details in the grand scheme of things came into play. For example, all of the beautiful colorful paint that still remains on some of the statues, dating back to 3000 AD, were very small but played a huge role into how the Greeks wanted to portray the beauty of their work. When you see the Parthenon, it’s hard to imagine the small details of everything, but the original plans to build had to start somewhere, right? The most important small detail of this trip is realizing the biggest change we want to see starts within ourselves. Once I realized that the whole reason for this program is meant to ultimately make us more a more mindful and better person, it all clicked. We as Americans think that these countries may be poor and we need to give them our money and donations, but truly the better of the world starts with one small individual and how they want to give their time, and devotion, not money and items to these underprivileged countries. I have seen the people of Greece, and they are happy with their lives not because of their wealth but because of their friends and families they are surrounded by everyday, enjoying the small things in life.

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