Delicious breakfast at the Old Biscuit Mill

Susan McClean, a junior at Louisiana State University, tried one of the most popular dishes at the Old Biscuit Mill, a student and staff favorite in Cape Town!

The Old Biscuit Mill is by far one of the greatest places in all of Cape Town. The people are great, the energy is upbeat, and the food… well the food is amazing. From mini pancakes to sangrias, from smoothies to oysters, the options are endless and all delicious. The one thing that always keeps me coming back for more though is the incredible, life-changing salmon eggs benedict. I dream of it and the thought of it makes my mouth water. I would go so far to say that it is one of the best things I have ever eaten. The easiest way to explain how unbelievably good the salmon eggs benedict is would be by giving a play by play with the seventeen thoughts I had leading up to eating, during eating, and post eating this fantastic creation.

1. Oh my gosh, I can smell it.

2. Why is this line so long? I need this eggs benedict now.

3. Don’t mind me chef, I’m just watching you create the greatest meal of all time.

4. Wow, I think I might be drooling.

5. Yup, I am definitely drooling.

6. Ahhh! I’m next! I am so happy!

7. All mine now and I can’t wait to eat you.

8. My first bite… I am so excited.

9. Wow, just wow.

10. I need this every day.

11. I don’t know if I can eat all of this.

12. I need to eat all of this, it’s too good to stop.

13. One last bite… it was perfect as always.

14. Did I really just eat all of that in 3 minutes?

15. No shame.

16. Oh no, food baby.

17. I want another.

After: Eggs Benedict at Old Biscuit Mill