Beautiful Hydra Island in Greece

With a great sense of humor, Caterina Ranzino, a senior at Louisiana State University, perfectly describes why you should NOT go abroad with Go Global.

1. You’ll have to leave your comfort zone at home.

I love my comfort zone! I mean, who does’t? Isn’t that why it’s called your comfort zone? Well this program doesn’t have much respect for it’s student’s personal belongings, because it literally rips your comfort zone from your hands and mails it back to the States. I mean I was comfortable with myself and my limits, but then this program just had to change it all!! It’s forced me to face fears, put my individuality out there and grow as a person all within a week. And it’s going to continue doing this for another three weeks? Insanity!

2. You are constantly doing something!

Forget Netflix and getting comfy in the hotel bed. This program has stimulating activities planned and ready to get you going every single day. (Ugh.) And even when we have some free time, the leaders on the trip are constantly asking us if we want to go with them to see cool secret gems they know of around Greece. And every offer I’ve taken to tag along, has turned out to be one of my favorite restaurants, cliff views or boutique shops I’ve found all trip. I mean it’s EXHAUSTING. To wake up EVERY single day knowing there’s an adventure waiting for you? All my friends at home are getting to binge watch their favorite TV shows on their couches all day, and I’m the only one missing out on the summer couch potato life? Talk about unfair.

3. The food in Greece is ridiculous!

Seriously do not come on this trip unless you’re ready to pack on some pounds. The desserts in Greece include things like, “Nutella Pizza” and a dozen creme puffs filled with vanilla ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce. I mean this place is sick?? Of course, these nightmares are displayed to perfection to cause attraction to unsuspecting innocent tourists. The worst part is once you are sucked into the beauty of the dish and you actually try it, you won’t stop till you’ve eaten every last bite! That’s right!! These manipulative desserts don’t even give you a chance to just “take a couple bites.” I have been forced into eating every last bite of three magnificent desserts and it’s only week ONE. It’s SICK.

4. You’ll be forced to socialize and create long lasting friendships.

Long lasting friendships? Talk about pressure. I’m here to explore, find myself and truly experience Greece. No one said I would be doing it with all these amazing people by my side? I mean you would think these people would mind their own business and let you do your thing, but no! There’s this constant friendliness, bonding and insane amounts of fun with these people. I mean can’t they give me a break?? And after a week, I’ve already made plans to visit some of them during football season and see their school and life back in the States. I mean talk about some real life 5-stage CLINGERS. You quickly realize after this trip, you will have a special bond with these people, because no one back home will truly understand your experience here. So you’re basically stuck making all these long-lasting friendships and expanding your network of relationships and connections all around America. Cool?? I mean.. does it help you’re stuck doing it with some of the most amazing people you’ve EVER encountered in your entire life?? Eh.. I guess.

5. The islands and cities you will see are overwhelming.

The islands, cities and landmarks you will visit on this trip is way too much to handle. The beauty of these places and the simplistic lifestyle of the Greek culture will leave you breathless and make you rethink your entire life. After visiting these places and truly, at the end of the day, taking in every single magnificent view, kind conversation with a beautiful local and dose of cultural education, you have this harsh realization… I think I’ve hit my peak. I mean, there’s no way life can get better or more beautiful right here in these very moments. These extremely precious moments that you will be able to hold in your heart for the rest of your life. So, I guess it all goes down hill from here? Seriously overwhelming and stressful!!

So this is my last warning. Don’t go on this trip unless you are ready for your life to change completely. If you think you can handle throwing away your comfort zone, having a new adventure every single day, going into the most blissful food comas every six hours, creating lifetime lasting bonds with the best of the best and being in the hearts of cities that will transform your soul forever? Then good luck!

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