Beach Day in Greece

Go Global programs push students outside of their comfort zones and encourage authentic connections. Molly Millar, a junior at the University of Alabama, has been in Greece for only a short time but already understands the power of opening up to new friends and creating new bonds.

One week ago we all left our comfort zones and hopped on an airplane to spend a month with 74 strangers. On day one I looked around and said there was no way I could possibly know everyone’s name by the end of the trip, no matter how hard I tried.

Today was the first day of service and as I looked around the room I realized I knew everyone’s names as well as personal details about majority of them. We started sharing personal stories on the bus ride this morning and it amazed me how open and eager people were to share. I realized that I have connected more with people here in one short week than I have in years with some people back home. The moments of vulnerability are the ones that mean the most because instead of hiding the hard imperfections of our life, everyone is opening up which brings us closer with each story that is shared.

The friendships made have been real and will only continue to grow. It is strange to think that I did not know anyone here eight days ago, yet it feels like we have already been together for months. This program is different than most study abroad experiences because of how fast we all interact and bond together. By stepping out of my comfort zone I have all new friends.

New friends in Greece