Bloukrans Bridge bungee

Mary Kittleman, a senior at the University of Maryland, had the courage to conquer her fears with the encouragement of other GoGlobal students. Congrats, Mary!

1. Anxious – Throughout Adventure Week, I was extremely nervous about bungee jumping off of Bloukrans Bridge. I have always been afraid of heights and I’m not really sure why. It might be because of the feeling you get when your stomach drops, which may be why I don’t like roller coasters either. I was looking forward to the day we went to the bridge but was extremely anxious at the same time.

2. Commitment – I was hesitant about even coming on this trip because of the bungee jump. I did not want to be the only GoGlobal student that did not participate in the jump. However, I knew throughout this whole trip that I needed to complete this activity. After we arrived to the bridge, I bought my ticket right away so that I would not back down from conquering this fear of mine!

3. Appreciative – I received an incredible amount of support from my GoGlobal team! I could not have done the jump if it wasn’t for them cheering for me nonstop. We all grew closer together because of the immense support and motivation we gave to each other. I love my GoGlobal group!

4. Thankful – Surprisingly, the bungee jump was peaceful. The short two minutes gave me the opportunity to be thankful for this wonderful adventure. I was able to fully grasp the beauty South Africa has and be thankful for how fortunate I am to be studying abroad in this amazing location!

5. Pure Joy – I cannot explain the pure joy and happiness I felt after bungee jumping. During my jump, I kept repeated to myself, “I did it! I did it!” The feeling I received by accomplishing stepping outside of my comfort zone made the experience worthwhile. I learned that I can conquer any fear of mine if I stay committed!