Old Biscuit Mill market

Always a student favorite, you cannot go wrong with a meal from the Old Biscuit Mill. Isabelle Martin from the University of Mississippi shares her favorites in her blog below!

Being the foodie that I am, I strongly believe that Old Biscuit Mill (OBM) is any food lover’s heaven. From different venders from all over Cape Town, OBM offers clothing, flowers, chocolates, and foods from all ethnicities. From breakfast to dessert, snacks to dinner, and anything in-between- OBM has it all. Here are my top 3 recommendations of delicious foods one must try at Old Biscuit Mill:

1. Eggs Benedict:
The eggs benedict at OBM is like no other. First and foremost, instead of being served on an English muffin or piece of bread, it is served on a delicious potato pancake. Topped with a poached egg, cheese and chives with a delicious hollandaise sauce, you then have the option to add bacon and/or smoked salmon to complete the dish. I highly recommend both salmon and bacon but you can’t go wrong with either. This eggs benedict is life changing and will forever change my views on regular American version of eggs b.

2. Dutch Mini pancakes:
These mini pancakes are dangerously good. They are bite size pancakes cooked in a skillet type of muffin pan. They are then drenched with butter, cinnamon, powdered sugar and maple syrup. Each ingredient compliments these heavenly, bite-sized pancakes so well that they melt in your mouth. With the option of either 5 or 10 pancakes (due to the deliciousness and bargain) I recommend getting 10 because…go big or go home!

3. Risotto Balls:
Imagine risotto with creamy, rich ingredients stuffed into a small ball and then fried—mouth watering am I right? These are amaaaazing! With the options of a three cheese stuffed risotto ball, a meat stuffed risotto ball, or a truffled mushroom ball, you simply can’t go wrong. They are then covered with a garlic emulsion sauce that melts in your mouth. Wow.

Mini Pancakes at the Old Biscuit Mill