Delicious Greek salad

Kaitlyn Anton, a junior at Louisiana State University, understands the importance of staying balanced while studying abroad. Don’t miss her great tips below!

About a year ago I began to have a desire and carving for a healthier lifestyle. I began to start exercising, cooking and sleeping more. Soon my lifestyle changed from the unhealthy normal college diet to one of a managable healthy diet. My body began to change–I was happier, more energetic and more productive. I lost the cravings I once had for bread and sweets and began to crave vegetables and protein. I was worried that traveling abroad I would not be able to keep my healthy lifestyle that I have grown to have a passion for. This is not the case at all. I am able to maintain my lifestyle in these 6 tips.

1. Find a Buddy. Choose a friend, classmate, or someone you don’t know, who has the same interest as you. Use this commonality to keep you accountable and motivate you. Also use it to create a lasting relationship and bond with your buddy. Go for a run in morning to get your day started. There are so many unimaginable views and scenery. If a friend is tired, find a new friend or add to the group, challenge others to be healthy.

2. Eat like a Greek. While in Greece I have yet to find one menu without an extremely delicious healthy opinion. Greek food is among the most healthy food I have ever seen. Every plate is like a colorful, fresh explosion of health.

3. Make water your best friend. Traveling abroad can be very exhausting. Water will keep you hydrated and refreshed. Water is free with every meal so drink up! Also make good use of empty water bottles by refilling them, the tab water is safe to drink.

4. Pack a few healthy snacks. When I say a few I mean a few. There are so many healthy opinions here, but it is nice to throw a power bar in your purse to save a couple Euro and have a piece of home with you. I brought some small variety nut packs, quest bars, and peanut butter crackers!

5. Do not worry. This is a once in a lifetime experience that many people could only dream about, so do not take it for granted. Enjoy that delicious chocolate stuff waffle with ice cream or that free dessert. You will not regret it I promise. Your time abroad is too short to not get the full experience while you are here, from fear of gaining a few pounds.

6. Get creative. You may not enjoy running, so don’t run. Do a work out video in your room, don’t stick to you normal routine, mix it up. Try something new. You might find something you enjoy more that you can do at home to remind you of your time abroad.

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