Sunset in Oia

Hayley Wallace from the University of Alabama describes her picturesque experience in Santorini. We hope our students soak in the beauty of Greece as the program enters its last week!

The sunsets: What made my whole experience incredible were the amazing sunsets. We went to a town called Oia known to have the best views of the sunset on the whole island. Around 7pm was the time everyone started to gather at the end point of the town. Hundreds of people were all there watching the beautiful yellow sun go down lighting up the sky colors of orange and pink. It was a magical experience.

Donkey Ride: What you could imagine from a donkey ride would entail a leisurely walk yet this donkey ride was anything but. To get to the top of Oia either you take the challenge of climbing to the top or you take the easy way out and ride a donkey. Riding a donkey was much more thrilling than I thought because of how fast they were going. Also, climbing up the steep hill made it a little scary so it was important to hold on tight to the rope. Overall, the experience was definitely worth it.

The views: The most breathtaking part about my whole experience in Greece this far has got to be these views. I have traveled to many countries and islands and I have never seen a view like I did in Santorini. All of the restaurants were right at the edge of town showing the most incredible views of the water and surrounding islands.

White and Blue: What is so true about the pictures on post cards is the infamous white and blue buildings. Santorini is known to have these beautiful white buildings with a sea blue top. Looking over the whole town of Oia is like nothing you have ever seen. What makes Santorini so unique is all of the matching buildings. They say the reason for it is that they were not allowed to hang their Greek flag, so instead they painted their houses and shops the colors of the flag.

The locals: The people who own these shops and restaurants have the biggest heart. They love where they live and give great advice on where to explore and where to eat. They give light to the town because of how much culture means to them and how much they stay true to it.

Donkey ride in Santorini