Tayler Ayers

Alright gentlemen, you’ve probably seen our “fashion” blogs for the ladies. Now it’s your turn! Not sure what to wear around Rome?  Tayler Ayers has your back. Tayler is a student at Oglethorpe University and joined GO Rome in 2014 for its inaugural year.  Check out his tips!

Clothing Necessity #1: Walking around the city/sight seeing outfit

Outfits around town

Photo: Haley Rynn Ringo

First and foremost, you have probably heard the saying that all Italian men are incredibly stylish, and it’s true. Well, for the most part. Your first type of outfit will be the one that gets worn the most on the trip since most of the trip consists of sightseeing and walking around various cities in Italy, etc. That being said, COMFORT is your biggest thing to keep in mind. Also, while there is no humidity, it is VERY hot from sun up to sun down so keep that tucked away in your mind as well. So you’re probably saying to yourself, “So Tayler, what do I need to pack for days when we do this?” I packed around 15-20 of the same type and color of tshirts and wore those EVERY single day on the trip. Tshirts are great for summers under the Tuscany Sun. I also brought three pair of jeans with me and wore those throughout the entire time of my stay in Rome. Now some guys might want to bring shorts but I don’t like shorts so I wore jeans everyday….yes I am VERY weird like that. Also, I wore a big wide brimmed hat while I was there because (a) it looks super super dope, (b) the Italians thought I was a cowboy and the most important reason of them all, (c) KEPT THE SUN OUT OF MY FACE. As Paige Sowder mentioned in her blog post on what girls should wear, the Italians don’t really do the whole loud and annoying graphic tshirts with sayings or a sports team on them. So leave that stuff in the dirty clothes hamper back home at mom and dads place. While you are tourists from America, it is in your VERY best interest to not LOOK like a tourist from America. When you’re a foreigner, especially a student, you would be amazed at how much more respect you will get from the natives if you blend in and REALLY sync with the Italian culture. One more thing, bring some comfy tennis shoes like nike free runs or anything you wouldn’t mind your feet wearing for over 3-5 hours at a time…everyday..for a month.

Basically, just wear comfortable clothes so you can spend your time experiencing everything that Italy has to offer, rather than sitting down to rest your sore and blistered feet.

Clothing Necessity #2: Swimming with the fish, or just swimming in general

Swimming at Cinque Terre

Towards the latter part of my time in Italy, we had the opportunity to spend the day in the Cinque Terre Coast. This is one of the prettiest places I have ever traveled to on my entire life. Again, I wore one of my tshirts and some athletic shorts to use as swimming trunks and they worked just fine. Obviously don’t bring your Budweiser swimming trunks you got during one of your highschool spring break trips, but pack a pair of athletic shorts or basic swimming trunks if you get a chance to go swimming or anything along those lines!

Even though it is Europe, leave the “super European” swimwear to the Europeans. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m referring to.

Clothing Necessity #3: Going Out outfit

Tayler's outfit

I’m going to be “real” with you, I don’t go out in America and I went out maybe two times in Rome, but when I did I made sure that I wore something nicer than my normal “sightseeing” clothes. I brought two white oxford button down shirts for the entire trip and managed to snag a pair of dope slippers while I was in Rome so I dressed up whenever I went out. This is for two reasons, 1. There’s nothing in the world that will make your friends back home jealous of you than pictures of you all dressed up for a night on the town in a foreign country 2. This is the most important one. The night life in Rome is awesome, but this is the time when the Italians REALLY step their style up. Put it this way, don’t be the guy who walks into an Italian bar or club looking like a frat star. As I mentioned before, you want to blend in order to truly experience Rome and the Italian culture. Don’t go out and buy new clothes, but do be more style sensed when you’re going out at night and do your best to look nice. And on a deeper and more cultural note, how you carry yourself and how you dress is important in regards to how Italians may view you and what kind of opinion they will develop on Americans as a whole.

Like I said before, a nice button up, jeans and some loafers or slippers would be a killer choice of style for a night on the town.

Featured photo by Haley Rynn Ringo