Shawna in Rome

By: Shawna Wensel, a rising sophomore at the University of Arizona

1) When the dinner bill ends up being three times the amount you expected it to be because of the bread, water, service charge, and four days worth of calories and carbs you ordered “I mean, it was worth it.”

2) When you debate on buying that extra bottle of wine after the meal… “How about just one more… last one?”

3) Convincing yourself it’s okay to spend over 70 dollars on truffle oil and vinegar after a wine tasting at the vineyards ”…sorry mom”

4) Going on unnecessary shopping sprees. “Hey, they might not have these clothes in America, right?”

5) When you’ve already had pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and still continue to crave it. “So… What’s it gonna be tonight. Pizza? Sounds good to me.”

6) Saying, “This time its on me!” to anything, even when you clearly don’t have enough money to support yourself. “Don’t worry, I gotchu”

7) Cuddling up with your friends and choosing to watch the Lizzie McGuire Movie together. “Sing to me, Paolo”

8) Then, getting up on stage for karaoke pretending to be Lizzie McGuire, living your childhood dream. “Rome is what dreams are made of”

9) Literally eating gelato every. single. day. “So gelato now or later? Both?”

10) Going to a different gelato shop for seconds so the first one won’t judge you “I need more”

11) Whenever something is unnecessary, tempting, but in some way satisfying to the soul, just remember: “When in Rome!”

View of Rome