Student in Rome

By: Marit Winborn, a rising junior at the University of Alabama

When I decided I was going to study abroad for the summer, I was told a lot of things. Some ended up being true, but some ended up being false. From actually experiencing the city and traveling on the weekends, I have come up with a list of Do’s and Don’ts!

1. Do bring a neck pillow—this ended up saving my life! I used it all the time especially when traveling on the weekends.
2. Don’t bring tight fitting clothes—Rome is really hot so bring loose fitting clothes. I can’t promise you will sweat less, but it makes it a little more bearable.
3. Do bring a portable fan—Once again Rome is really hot! I wish I had brought one from home.
4. Don’t over pack especially when traveling somewhere on the weekends—there is always something I pack I end up not needing so really consider what you actually need when you travel!
5. Do bring head phones—Since you need wifi to use your phone, It was nice to have my headphones to give me something to do on long train rides.
6. Don’t try and hail a taxi—this isn’t New York City! Just go to the nearest taxi stand.
7. Do learn a few basic Italian words—The Italians are actually really friendly and they love when you make an effort to learn some of their language!
8. Don’t stay at a hostel/hotel/apartment unless you read the reviews—sometimes the cheapest place can be the worse!
9. Do visit the Amalfi coast, Capri, and Positano- This was my favorite place I went to while on my trip. Rent a boat for a few hours and go swimming. It is a must!
10. Don’t get in a taxi unless it’s a white one—the white taxis are the official taxis also make sure to check if the meter is on or you can get ripped off!
11. Do bring a water bottle—there are places all around the city to fill up your water bottle so bringing one can save you money!
12. Don’t take what you are seeing/experiencing for granite—sometimes instead of taking pictures just enjoy what you are seeing and don’t focus so much on getting a cool Instagram post!

All in all this has been one of the best trips of my life! I have met some great new people and made memories I will never forget. If you are considering studying abroad I suggest doing it! It can be a life changing experience! Hope these tips help!

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