Next up on today’s featured blogs is Caroline Kiddie!  While currently on DIRECT Cape Town, Caroline calls Lesley University home during the school year.

Hear Caroline’s perspective on her first few days in Cape Town below:

Coming from a school that has no Greek life and venturing on this amazing trip can be a little intimidating. I was nervous that I would not fit in and be on the outs. Boy, was I completely wrong! Everyone has been super friendly, outgoing and the community feeling throughout this whole group is unbelievable. I can’t believe that I have clicked with so many people so quickly and have gone on so many adventures with them. I went skydiving today with a bunch of other students and I had a sense of comfort knowing I was with the people I was with. Going up on the plane we all held hands, there were smiles all around, and I could not think of any other people I would have wanted to experience it with than them. I can’t wait to continue the adventures as well as the amazing service with all of the new faces and friends I have made. I am so incredibly happy to have thrown myself out of my comfort zone, joined the LeadAbroad family, and gone to Cape Town.