Sunset Cruise


Julia Riehl, Auburn University

By day one of my LeadAbroad experience, Cape Town quickly became my favorite city in the world. The incredible diversity of Cape Town makes it the most unique city I’ve ever traveled to. When I heard about LeadAbroad, I instantly knew I wanted to spend my summer in Cape Town because of the exciting adventures and opportunity to serve the community. As the trip approached, I realized I didn’t know anyone else going and became nervous about traveling so far away from home without my family or friends. Within 10 minutes after arriving at the airport last week, my anxious feelings were relieved by college students from across America that were in the same position as me. Looking back, I am able to realize that without the incredible new friends I’ve made through LeadAbroad, the memories I’ve gained so far just would not be the same. Traveling, and life in general, is special to me not only through experiences, but based on the people who you spend that time with. I have no regrets of signing up for Cape Town without knowing anyone and am so thankful that it stretched me out of my comfort zone. I feel confident that situations such as this will prepare me for my future and the memories from Cape Town will follow me throughout my lifetime. I am so excited that the friends I’ve met within the past 10 days will be friends for life through the bond we share from our time in Cape Town. Don’t just go, LEAD!