Today’s blog comes to you from Kelly Fort from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!  Keep reading to see what surprised her during her two week experience in Cape Town…


4 Things I Didn’t Expect to Do in Cape Town


1. Find a community. I knew that the group of students joining me on the trip to Cape Town was very large and that I didn’t know anyone else. On the first day I found out that I was the only student from my university so I assumed everyone already had their friend groups. I was quickly proved wrong because every person I have encountered has been so inviting and genuinely wants to know me.


Kelly in Sir Lowry's Pass

2. Go skydiving. Heights have always been one of my biggest fears and just thinking about them makes my legs go numb, but I signed up for skydiving because I was hoping to overcome my fears. I would have never gone through with it had I not felt the support from my roommate and other new friends. They encouraged me not to give up through the yelling and the tears and we’re here to laugh with me at the ridiculous pictures afterward.


3. Learn the true meaning of forgiveness. I thought I had this one figured out ever since I was a child. Someone does something that hurts you then they apologize and you forgive them, easy as that. The history and current culture in Cape Town has taught me that it’s so much more than a simple “sorry” and it has changed my perspective on how I live my life. Forgiveness is necessary for reconciliation and I’m excited to see how this new meaning can better my relationships with my friends and family members.


4. Really connect with a local family. After spending three days at Sir Lowry’s Pass I can honestly say my heart has never felt so welcomed into a community or so full of joy. Seeing how every family grows and supports one another is eye-opening and a depiction of what all communities should be like. I hope to stay connected with the family that I spent a lot of time with and be able to learn from their experiences as well as continue to share mine.