Sometimes it’s the smallest of detail you notice abroad that can bring the most significance. Check out today’s featured blog from Daly Witt about her experience in the Cape Town market!

Bietjie Dans Koningin (Little Dancing Queen)

While walking through the Green Market and observing all the local venders who eagerly attempted to sell us their goods, I began to hear the faint sound of clanging metal. Intrigued by the noise, our little group of seven decided to follow the sound and see where it was coming from. As we rounded the corner, we saw a group of kids raGreen Marketnging from the age of about 3-13 putting on a performance for those shopping in the market. Dressed in little bikini tops, vibrant green hula skirts and bright necklaces, the group of kiddos beautifully danced, catching the attention of all around them. However, the most compelling part of their outfits were the hundreds of metal soda can tops that were tied around their ankles that helped provide a beat for their dancing. It was so sweet to see their personalities come out through their friendly competition as they tried to out-dance each other. Each one of them danced with such confidence and definitely had far better moves than any of us! It was interesting to see how they were able to utilize the soda can tops, items that seem so meaningless to us, and instead, turn them into something beautiful. The way these kids used the soda can tops to bring so much joy to those around them makes me wonder what other things, that I mindlessly discredit as being worthless, might actually be something that these kids see as an opportunity to bring a smile to someone else’s face.