Scott Kelly and Crystal Yabes


While our summer has shifted to our LEAD programs in Cape Town and Greece, let’s throwback to our DIRECT crew with this blog from Cape Town student Crystal Yabes.  Crystal attends the University of Arizona and gives some insight to the powerful moments shared on the two-week DIRECT Cape Town experience.

Why DIRECT Cape Town?

Even though we chose the two week program rather than tStudents with Ishhe five week program, we had still learned so much from the community, people, culture, foods, ourselves, and the other students who chose this specific program. Today was the last day here in Cape Town and we had reflected in our community groups what we had learned from this trip and my group talked about how going on this trip cannot truly be explained to our friends and family because you must experience it for yourself. We all agreed that when we went back home and explained what experiences we had with other people, we still felt a constant judgment from them. But from this program, we all were able to understand one another and go through similar experiences with support from our new LeadAbroad family.

At our final dinner, Eddie gave a speech before dinner and stated that everyone had learned something on this trip even from the smallest fact about the person sitting next to you or about the country and something about yourself. We were able to dig deeper into conversations and push yourself to limits you never knew you could achieve. Traveling by yourself makes you realize how much to appreciate everything in life and being there for one another. So even traveling on this program for two weeks, you can continue this type of journey and mindset through the rest of your life. Hands down, the best two weeks of my life. Thank you Cape Town and LeadAbroad.