Dalton Stubbs

Our next featured blog comes from Dalton Stubbs, a student from Georgia Southern University. Dalton is attending LEAD Cape Town and put together a great to-do list for anyone visiting Cape Town!

Don’t Leave Cape Town Without…

Dalton Stubbs1. Climbing Table Mountain: By any means it’s no easy hike. You will sweat, you will struggle, you will think about turning around but you will make it. The view from the top is spectacular and breathtaking. Plus for some added motivation there is really good pizza at the top.

2. Watching the sunset on Lion’s Head: Cape Town has some of the most amazing sunsets and there is no better place to watch them than on top of Lions Head. The hike is fun and takes about 45min to an hour. At the top there are plenty of places to sit and watch as that orange ball gets smaller and smaller. Bring your camera because you will want to capture this moment.

3. Explore the Waterfront: The Waterfront is a perfect place to hang with your friends and to see another side of Cape Town. There is a plethora of delicious restaurants to choose, from seafood on the water at Harbour View to tasty Mediterranean at Bakhara. Don’t leave without riding the Ferris wheel, shopping in the mall, or walking down to the pier!

4. The Green Market: The green market is the perfect place to test out your bargaining skills and to pick up some local merchandise. From authentic paintings to African shirts and apparel, the green market has all you want, and The locals are friendly and fun to talk to. Don’t forget to bring plenty of Rand and be sure to pick up a Springbok jersey!

5. Old Biscuit Mill: Waking up and heading to Old Biscuit Mill on a Saturday morning is a must. It’s controlled chaos, with tons of food stands where you can buy delicious treats and fun stores to shop in. Don’t leave without trying the mini pancakes or the waffles with ice cream! Old Biscuit Mill is a weekly tradition in Cape Town and an unforgettable experience!

6. Haut Bay: similar to Old Biscuit Mill and the Green Market, Haut Bay is a fun indoor market right on the water. There’s plenty of fun shopping and local food to eat. The best time to head there is on a Friday afternoon where you’ll catch a thriving crowd and live music! The best part is the assortment of foods they offer. From mouth watering crepes to ginormous burgers and tons of ice cream, you won’t be leaving with an empty belly!

7. Adventure: If you’re ever looking for an adrenaline pumping experience then you’re in the right place. Cape Town offers plenty of opportunities like sky diving, parasailing, shark cage diving, sand boarding, quad biking, bungee jumping and abseiling! Don’t leave without stepping out of your comfort zone and conquering a fear!