Ashton - Our Video Intern!


The Go Global team is excited to welcome Ashton Coulter as one of our new Social Media Interns! Ashton, a Junior Corporate Communication major at the University of Texas, will be focusing on our Facebook while also making awesome videos for us. Let’s see what she has to say about her passion for videography and her new position with Go Global!

“I initially got into making my GoPro videos because of a friend who I saw on Facebook. She was tagged in a shared post of her study abroad experience, and whether it was the catchy music or excessive smiling – I was hooked. Right then, I decided I needed to share my traveling adventures with people back home through videos. Besides, videos capture so much more than simply pictures. The videos really allowed friends and family to travel along with our crazy lives here in Europe. The GoPro actually became my statement piece, I don’t think I went anywhere without it. It was so handy (also could be used as a weapon of self-defense if needed) and truly captured every moment to the fullest. I still randomly go back and watch the videos just to relive each weekend and its adventures.  Through making these videos, I have become the Video-Social media intern for Go Global. I’m so honored and super pumped to take on this challenge. To have the opportunity to reach students through my videos and open their eyes to these amazing programs is something that I would love to do all the time. Editing shots together for videos doesn’t really do that much, but not a lot is necessary to realize that Go Global isn’t just a study abroad program, it’s much more. It’s a family, a network, and a platform to spring you into the world with the support and knowledge to conquer it.”

I had the opportunity to chat with Ashton this week about her experience on our GO: Rome program this past summer. Are you interested in going with us to Italy? Keep reading to find out what makes this trip so incredible!

Anna: When deciding where to study abroad, why did you choose Rome?

Ashton: Choosing to go to Rome was something I actually chose spontaneously. I had plans to stay in Austin, where I go to school, all summer and live the college-student, do-nothing-with-your-summer lifestyle. But around December, my best friend Paige Sowder started mentioning a program I had never heard of, but had come to talk to our sorority at chapter meeting. Before hearing about GO: Rome, I had always wanted and pretty much decided if I was to study abroad it would be in Spain. Really my only desire to study abroad there would be to get my language credit out of the way, but that suddenly appeared limiting to my abroad potential. Rome simply sounded really fun. My initial commitment to Rome was definitely driven by Paige, but my parents were finally committed once they knew of the program. My focus was mainly on the experience of studying abroad, over any other factors – like learning a language, location, classes available. I was drawn to Rome because I could picture myself exploring and living there, and to me, that really hit home.

Anna: What was so special about Rome while you were there?

Ashton: Besides the fact that my favorite food is Italian and cheese is a requirement for every meal at home, I really think the Italian culture is something one has to truly experience to understand. The way people communicate, eat, shop, walk the streets, enjoy cappuccinos is something I loved immersing into. The Italian culture is in a way both more relaxed and more hectic than anything we could ever experience. They love their downtime – specifically while eating or socializing, but hectic in a way that could drive you insane –literally drive, their driving is disastrous. Another essential benefit of living in Rome is that you are surround by so much history. We would hop off the metro and boom, there’s the Colosseum. Pretty sure I lost my breath the first time I exited the metro and looked up to its massive beauty.

Anna: What stands out about the “GO” program?

Ashton: Not only are we getting school credit while exploring an amazing city, this program allows you so much freedom to truly become immersed in the city. After class time during the week and the start of the weekends, we’re set out into the world to explore and roam. “GO” programs allow you to study abroad with not only people through your college, but engage with so many other people from other schools that you would never get to meet. I literally cannot wait to visit the friends I met through the program, and believe me; the reunion trips are already planned.

Anna: Tell me about how the Go Global staff played a role in your study abroad experience.

Ashton: The Go Global staff on my trip abroad was unbelievable. I never imagined feeling so comforted while living in another country. Having that feeling of peace was something that I greatly appreciated and desire that everyone have while traveling. Not only would these two awesome ladies, Courtney and Katie, help students with any and all traveling arrangements – like finding the cheapest flight out to Paris or running to the airport when you forget your passport at the dorm, they provided us with a family who engaged us to learn more about ourselves. We had weekly (although optional) meetings at their super cool and local-style apartment, where we would all come together to invest our lives with each other and were challenged to think about how this adventure abroad will affect our future adventures in life. It helped me understand where I desire to be in life, and steps to take to get there.

Anna: What would you tell someone who is considering the GO: Rome program?

Ashton: DO IT! And you won’t regret it. If I could study abroad again, I wouldn’t change a thing. And to me, that is the best feeling. What you learn about yourself and the world is something you really can’t put into words, but I know that I have become a more open-minded and knowledgeable person because of my travels with Go Global.

Anna: Best memory on your study abroad experience:

Ashton: Best memory from the trip would have to be my weekend in the magical city of Paris. This trip was planned with 3 other great friends about 2 weeks in advance (which is actually a lot of planning compared to other spontaneous trips we had), and the buildup of that excitement probably bubbled over to the actual experience I felt. But Paris was insanely beautiful and everything you imagine in your mind, but better. I still feel giddy and can’t help but smile when I think about lying in the grass in front of the Eiffel at night when the lights are sparkling. I couldn’t take my eyes off the enormous thing (it’s a lot bigger than you think); it’s still so vivid in my mind. Forever Paris will have a special place in my heart.

If you have any inquiries about GO: Rome, Ashton is your go-to girl! Be on the lookout for her awesome videos on our Facebook page. Thanks, Ashton! We are so excited to work with you, and we’re thrilled to have your creativity, drive, and talent serving as an asset to our team this year.

-Anna and the Go Global team