Guest Post by: Bonnie McGoogan

Why Greece?

“I crave lots of things. One thing in particular is Chickfila. Like, I’d probably marry a 4-count breakfast mini if I could. All my friends know the way to make my day about 398473 brighter is by getting an ice dream and waffle fries in my tummy. My only problem is, I cannot really control my cravings. I will get my mind fixated on this craving and it becomes all I can think about. This happens with more than Chickfila, though. It happened with Greece.

It happened kind of at random, just talking with my parents one night about my uncontrollable desire to get to know this great big world we live in. Being the incredible, supportive parents they are, they recognized my passion and backed me up on it. I had heard about Global Lead from a friend, so we checked out the website. I saw a link for a video called Go Greece, and within minutes I was hooked. The crystal blue water, the pure white architecture, the beaches made of gold, all of it just took my breath away. I think it took away my parents’ as well, because immediately they got just as excited as me. That was it, done deal. I was craving Greece.

Going into the trip I had no idea what to expect. I had never been out of the country, so I was kind of ready to just wing it. Little did I know what I was venturing into. Little did I know what I was about to see. Little did I know my whole life as I knew it, was about to be changed forever.

My eyes were opened; I found myself immersed in a culture completely different from my own. I fell in love with the 48 people on my trip in a way I had never known I could love. I explored the streets of Santorini on a donkey. I danced in a Greek wedding. I smashed plates and yelled, “OPA!!” I hiked a volcano. I snorkeled in the clearest of waters. I tasted more wines than I could ever imagine. I bungee jumped not once, but TWICE, once being on my 20th birthday. I sailed across the Mediterranean on a catamaran. I talked with locals about just life and all of its incredible hidden treasures. I had the opportunity to help sort through hundreds of boxes of clothes and toys for local families in need and see the owners face when she saw all that we had accomplished. I had the opportunity to play with the most beautiful-hearted children I have ever met. I ate the BEST food that may even beat out Chickfila. I lost myself in the most beautiful way, yet found myself at the same time. I experienced a real-life fairytale. I discovered my strengths and how I can use them to change the world. My craving was transformed into a full on love affair with this place, and it was absolutely magical.

My love affair didn’t just end once the trip was over, though. I was craving more. So I decided to go out on a limb and apply for a position as a Social Media Intern for Go Global, and somehow my quirky sense of humor and sassy captioning landed me the position of Go Global’s new Instagram Intern. I mean, talk about every 20 year old girls dream job, right? Now I get to use my love for photography, my love for travel, and my love for Go Global to show people little snip-bits of what their own journey abroad could look like. (To experience some awesome pictures and my fun puns and captioning, go check it out at @goglobalexperiences on Instagram).

So, all that to answer, why Greece? Well, because it did more than just satisfy my cravings. And I believe it will do the exact same for yours. The world has the great power to change you, and I want everyone to experience the change Greece had on me. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is never easy, but let me tell you — it’s worth it.

Enough of my rambling, why don’t you go see for yourself. GO TO GREECE!”




If you’re interested in our Greece location, this year offered in two different programs: Direct and Global LEAD, hopefully Bonnie’s guest post has given you some insight and a visual of what you’re about to dive into! (See what I did, there?)

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Thanks for being our very first guest post, Bonnie! We are so excited to have your enthusiasm and social media popularity serving our team this year.

Parents and students — there you have it! We have introduced you to all three Social Media Interns and all three locations. Be on the lookout for posts coming in the next few weeks discussing the differences between the three programs: GO, LEAD, and Direct. Make sure you’ve liked our Facebook page and our Instagram account, and that you’re reading our blog. Any questions pertaining to social media or any of Go Global’s fabulous programs — we’ve got you covered! Feel free to reach out to us at any time.

-Anna and the Go Global team