Go Global is all about sharing ideas. Listening to speakers, completing journal assignments, breaking into discussion groups, what have you. One of the ways that we do this in and out of the classroom is by watching TED talks.

TED is a website that holds videos of speakers from around the world who gather at a conference and present their ideas to an audience full of people waiting to be inspired. In class, the professor may choose to share a video with the students that pertains to the lesson plan, and out of class, the students like to do a fun night-in called “Cheesy Talks” … sitting around the TV, watching TED talks while eating cheese and drinking wine! A low-key alternative to a night out on Long Street (Cape Town) quickly turns into a meaningful discussion about leadership, traveling, or simply appreciating life.

When you’re in need of some motivation, just refer back to this blog post. I’ve posted a couple of our favorite videos below!

Which TED talks are your favorites? Have anything you want to include in discussion? We’d love to know! What are your ideas?

-Anna and the Go Global team