Happy Wednesday from Go Global! By now, most of our students should be on Winter Break! Congratulations on finishing up another semester.

As you may know, our executive team just had a break of their own. They spent a week in Nicaragua: exploring, serving, and enjoying each others’ company in a new “work” environment. Each of the team members has written a guest post that will be featured on the blog, and we’re excited that Courtney’s is the first to be published! Read on to see what Courtney has to say about this beautiful place, which, if you’ve been reading the blog, was featured on our “Top 15 Places to See in 2015.

By: Courtney Doran


I woke up at 5am as dawn seeped into the room. Alert, I sprung out of bed, like a kid on Christmas morning. Grabbing my comforter and pillow, I went out to the porch, curled up in the hammock overlooking the ocean and waited for the sun to fully greet us.

This was Nicaragua.

It was our chance to do the things we value most –

Serve, get to know locals, try new food, take long walks, learn, engage in hours of conversation, daydream, challenge our bodies, laugh, read, explore new towns and remember just how transformative international experiences can be.

It was our time to appreciate the little things that are easy to miss if you have a watch, deadline or somewhere to be. But here, surrounded by six of my favorite people, we got to soak up every minute of the day.

And as the sun danced into existence that morning, I became overwhelmed with excitement for every student that we will have the privilege of working with this summer. Because when we travel, we see the daily miracles, like sunrises, more clearly.

After reading this, I wish I could rewind the clock and watch this morning’s sunrise. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning! Stay tuned to read the guest posts from our other staff members.

-Anna and the Go Global team