Georgia at Cape Point

A rising junior at Wake Forest University, Georgia Hunsinger never thought she would end up in Cape Town.  Read about how she is already stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing everything Cape Town Direct has to offer!

I’m going to start out by saying, I thrive in comfort. My whole life, I’ve never had a desire to step outside what I know. I am your typical type A, hard working, planner, that relies on the safety of knowing what is to come. That said, signing up for this trip was VERY unlike me.

Thanks to a good friend of mine, I found myself convinced into applying to go on a Global Lead trip. Throughout the process of deciding where to go, and for how long, I was subconsciously realizing this trip was already having an impact on me and what I’m used to. I had seen beautiful pictures of Greece (and the Kardashian’s amazing vacation) which sparked an interest in me to visit, and been to Rome before. Yet, I knew absolutely nothing about Cape Town. Acting inconsistently with typical Georgia, I found myself enthralled by the idea of Cape Town, a place foreign to me on all levels. And as a result, ended up registering for this trip.

From what I had heard, the biggest things students who have been on the previous trips took home with them, were; personal development and meaningful relationships. Being the type A person I am, I am always seeking out ways to grow as an individual, and having a history of unwisely choosing friends, I longed for both of these things.

Arriving before all the other students, I had a full day to mentally prepare myself for what was to come on this trip. What are the other kids going to be like? Will they be nice? Will they be outgoing? Will they like me? Will they judge me? So many unanswerable questions, but I found myself okay with that. I found myself for once, actually at ease with not knowing.

That said, as I’m sure you can predict, everyone was absolutely incredible upon arrival. Starting with my outrageous roommates that walked into our room with open arms looking for hugs and wearing ear to ear smiles, I had never felt more assured with a decision I had made.

The following days brought just as much surprise as the first. When signups for the various adventures offered on the trip came around, and I selected sky-diving, it would appear to those who know me as a joke. Or at least as something I would not end up following through with. And while I still have yet to go, I am confident that I will fall out of that plane despite the lack of security with knowing how I will feel falling, and what to expect from the experience.

Because I am such a creature of habit and surround myself with only things I know and can predict I am often blind to what is around me and never take a moment to reflect, because, well, what is there to reflect on when you know everything you see? It’s only day three and I’ve already learned so much about myself and the great opportunities the unknown holds. I’m going to end by saying, I thought I thrived in comfort, but Go Global has given me the opportunity to realize there’s more to me and the world than I had imagined. Now, I look forward to exploring the unknown and all the possibilities that come along with it.

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