Carlie at Camps Bay

Next up on our blog feature is Carlie Phillips, a junior at Auburn University!  Even though students have been in Cape Town for only three days, that’s already enough time to make a TOP 3 list!

#1 (yes, the first is the best) The FOOD
Everyone always says the food in Cape Town is amazing, but you seriously can’t even understand until you’ve actually had it. It’s day three and I swear I’ve probably eaten more than I usually would in a week. “Oh let me try that!” quickly turns into an empty plate because it’s so great that you can’t put it down once you stop.

#2 The Scenery (cliche I know)
The beaches, the mountains, the insanely beautiful city, or even the FIFA World Cup stadium, Cape Town never ceases to amaze. You can drive all day long and you will never run out of things to see.

#3 The People
This city is filled with so many people from all over the world, and all of the cultures blend to form one of the most unique and amazing atmospheres I have ever seen. Whether it’s just people of different ethnicities that grew up in Cape Town or even the people from other continents that moved to Cape Town, they all bring a unique piece to this amazing city.

Carlie at Signal Hill