Sarah McDonald

LEAD Greece students: you all leave in just a couple of days! Check out this advice from Sarah McDonald, a junior at the University of Virginia!

1. Bug spray. This is crucial if the bugs tend to love you like they love me! It’s so nice outside that windows and doors are open constantly so you can never escape the mosquitoes. Pack some bug spray and you’ll be good to go! Avoiding the constant itching will make your time in Greece even more amazing.

2. Your winter jacket. Just kidding BUT it does get windy and chilly at night in Santorini so I recommend a light jacket or heavy sweater. You don’t want to be shivering while taking in the beautiful sunset in Oia. Wrapping your towel around your waist (to keep you warm) has become the newest fashion trend for our group but if that doesn’t sound appealing to you- bring a jacket and jeans!

3. Customized 200 spf sunscreen. My fair skin and strawberry blonde locks did not agree with the Grecian sun, so don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and to reapply! The weather is so perfect and breezy that you don’t realize the sun that’s beating down on you! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your hands and feet too- that’ll get ya! Hats are also highly recommended, you can buy a cool floppy one, if you so desire, at a market in Athens!

4. Old tennis shoes. I’m sure your newest pair of sneaks are super cool but I strongly suggest you leave those at home and bring your old shoes. Whether volunteering at Salvation Army, hiking active volcanoes like Nea Kameni, or exploring the islands of Greece, you’ll appreciate wearing your old tennis shoes as they do get dirty. You can even leave the old shoes behind in Greece to lessen the weight of your baggage on your flight home- more room for all the awesome jewelry, clothes, etc that you will find in Greece!

5. A good book. There is so much relaxing, downtime available during your time in Greece and bringing a good book makes it so much more enjoyable. Laying by the pool or on the beach in Santorini is the perfect time to engross yourself in your favorite book or a new read. Throughout your time in Greece, there is also a 7 hour ferry ride, bus rides, and picture perfect balconies just begging you to pick up a book and relax. The 9+ hour flights to and from the U.S. are also a great time to read (although there are also movies on most planes).

Here’s hoping these 5 items come in handy for the next lucky group who has the opportunity to travel to Greece with Go Global. I’ve had the best time of my life and cannot wait to come back here one day, with these 5 items in tow!

Students ready to bungee jump