Parker in Greece

  Welcome to the summer 2016 LeadAbroad blog!  We are so excited to feature students on all of our programs from Cape Town to Greece, Rome to Barcelona.  We will be sharing their experiences, perspectives and advice as we progress through this summer. Today we hear from Parker Esoda on DIRECT Greece!  Parker attends the University … Continue Reading »

By: Allie Vaughn, a junior at the University of Alabama Since studying abroad we have been challenged emotionally, physically and academically, we each overcame our own obstacles and concurred personal fears but the biggest task still lies ahead of us, how do we prepare for the journey home? First and foremost give yourself time to … Continue Reading »

Great company over dinner in Greece

Sydney Young, a sophomore at the University of Alabama, shares her favorite spots to grab a meal while in Greece. Don’t miss out on these amazing restaurants! 1. Balux Café House Project Balux Café has anything you could be craving from Sushi to Italian or even authentic Greek food. A few friends and I came … Continue Reading »

Sunset at Oia

The pictures just don’t do this sunset justice. Kayla Beshenich from Louisiana State University would probably agree! Check out her blog! 1. Focus on the VIEW When watching the sunset in one of the most beautiful places in the world, make sure to set the camera aside every now and then and focus on what … Continue Reading »

Beautiful sunset in Greece

Our LEAD Greece students have wrapped up their service project with the Salvation Army. Katrina Storms from the University of Tennessee shares her powerful experience and the lessons learned in Athens. Inspiration is something people seek throughout all stages of life, but hope is the driving force for most goals in life. However, it is … Continue Reading »

Confidence before the bungee jump

No matter where you travel with GoGlobal, our programs will push you outside of your comfort zone and challenge you to achieve your full potential.  Mary Claire Shulstad, a junior at the University of Alabama, shares her powerful experience after taking the leap into the Corinth Canal! Although I am not the first GoGlobal student … Continue Reading »

Nutella Pizza

If there’s one commonality across all of our programs that students love, it’s the FOOD in their country. Amerson is a junior at North Carolina State University, and after reading her blog, I’m ready to book my ticket to Greece and try LIVING! Hi! My name is Amerson Webb and I go to North Carolina … Continue Reading »

Lunch overlooking the lake

Warning: do not read this blog if you are hungry. Katie Adler from Louisiana State University counts her favorite places to grab a bite in Greece! 1. 360 Cocktail Bar This restaurant is worth the 20-minute cab rid into Athens! It not only offers a wide array of delicious food, but also a breathtaking view … Continue Reading »

Roommates exploring ancient Athens

Ashton Lane, a junior at Louisiana State University, would probably agree that you should go into your study abroad experience with few expectations because things may turn out differently! 1. Your random roommate will be weird Well, I guess this is half true 😉 Just kidding… My best friend, Kaitlyn, and I were put with … Continue Reading »