Riding an elephant in South Africa

It’s not everyday that you can come home and say “I rode an elephant,” but that’s just what Abby Daws, a senior at the University of Alabama, had the chance to do while on the Garden Route in South Africa!

Growing up I never dreamed or even thought of riding an elephant, but after doing so I am beyond happy I had the chance to do so. During my elephant ride with Cari Grace Lutkins, many different thoughts entered my head. Many of my thoughts related back to The University of Alabama where I attend school (an elephant is our mascot). Besides feeling like a true Alabama fan, I experienced many different emotions, including, fear, curiosity, happiness, and amazement.

So here are 10 thoughts I had while riding an elephant on the Garden Route in Cape Town.

1. ‘Roll Tide Roll’

2. ‘Elephants have create a lot of brown, nasty snot’

3. ‘Their prickly hairs on their skin remind me of my leg hair when I go a week without shaving’

4. ‘Can I take one home with me?’

5. ‘Who was the first person to ride an elephant?’

6. ‘I am riding in elephant……in freaking Cape Town, South Africa!!’

7. ‘I taught an elephant how to ‘dougie’ (at least the picture reflects that)’

8. ‘How badly would it hurt if I feel off this elephant?’

9. ‘Elephants are beautiful animals’

10. ‘Nick Saban would be proud’

Cape Town Direct is over, but the memories created on this trip will never be. Once again, Go Global created an unforgettable experience abroad. From Greece to Cape Town, I continued to push myself outside my comfort zone (shark cage diving), experience unimaginable adventures (elephant ride) and create lasting relationships with outstanding people from all different universities.

Abby rides an elephant on the Garden Route