New friends on Greece Direct

Cameron Morris, a sophomore at Auburn University, recaps her experience with Greece Direct! We are sad to say goodbye to this great group, but we are excited to welcome them into the Go Global family!

Today was the last day of our trip and as the journey has come to an end, I can fully say that this summer has been the best of my life. I have grown so much as a person throughout these last 14 days and I’m so happy to have gotten this close with 21 of the most amazing girls you’ll ever meet (Lil Poc & Schmitty included). Santorini is gorgeous & this whole week has been a blast. This morning we recapped all of the leadership lessons we spent time working on throughout the trip. I definitely think they have given me a better perspective toward life beyond this trip. My favorite application we learned about was the book The Giving Tree and how by giving whatever you can, whenever you can the world will be a better place. After that we went to the beach, soaked up some sun before dinner, and ate our last gyros. Tonight should be a ton of fun because we’re going to a Greek wedding!! I’m not sure what that will all entail but on this trip you just roll with it. All in all I know I’m really looking forward to some cheese grits and sweet tea back at home, but I know I’ll miss this place and these people so much.

Relaxing on the beach