Delicious food in Greece

Lauren Reichard, a junior at Appalachian State University, is joining us on LEAD Greece this summer! We are just a few days into the program, but Lauren is already in love with this amazing country!

Greece has always been at the top of my bucket list of places that I wanted to visit. With the nine and a half hour flight over with, I have finally had the opportunity to experience a small piece of what Greece has to offer in a day. With our first stop being Glyfada, right outside of Athens, I have already had some first impressions that differentiates Greece aside from the United States.

1. The laid back environment: In America we are so used to an upbeat and extremely fast lifestyle. On the contrary, in Greece everyone is relaxed and enjoys their time and company everywhere they go. At restaurants, no one is ever in a rush to eat or move on to the next destination.

2. The beautiful beaches: Greece is known for their beautiful beaches but a picture can only show so much. To be able to have already been on the blue beaches has been an awesome opportunity. Something unique about the beaches here is that there are private and public ones. With the private beaches, you are required to pay anywhere from two to six euros, but they provide chairs and fun blow up obstacles courses in the ocean for everyone to enjoy.

3. The food: Although I have only had two meals so far in Greece, I cannot wait for more! The food is delicious, healthy, and fresh from what I have experienced thus far. The restaurants are very hip and relaxed with outdoor seating but always have a great menu for food and drinks.

4. The people: Everyone is Greece seems to be extra friendly. Going to Greece and not being able to speak the language, I was nervous about the interactions I was going to have with people, but everyone has been helpful so far. Most of the locals speak or understand English or they will find someone who does in order to help you. They are very welcoming and always willing to help find the best local restaurants, coffee shops, and desert places.

5. The urban atmosphere: When I first think of Greece, I think of white buildings and blue domes, like in Santorini, but Glyfada is completely different. It has more of a city vibe with fast driving, outdoor restaurants, and shopping.

Although my time in Greece has been very short, I cannot wait to spend in entire month in this beautiful country!!

View of the sea