Corinth Canal bungee

Breaking personal boundaries on LEAD Greece! Blakeley Graham, a senior at the University of Mississippi, writes about how the bungee jump wasn’t the only fear she’s overcome while in Greece.

Fear is an emotion that everyone experiences, some more than others. I have a fear of a lot especially elevators, heights and airplanes–all three of these fears I have had to overcome on my trip with Go Global.

I first conquered my fear of airplanes with our group flight. I had to get to Greece somehow so I knew this fear was inevitable I had to accomplish it. Although it was tough, a lot of the people that I had quickly met right before our long flight made me feel better about it.

My second fear I accomplished was taking the elevator in our hotel with all my luggage. Again, this fear was also inevitable. I had to accomplish it because my luggage was to heavy to carry up the stairs.

My third fear that I accomplished, and my biggest fear, was heights. We went bungee jumping at the Corinth canal. I knew it was an experience I would regret it if I didn’t accomplish it. Thankfully one of the Go Global staff told me “fear is temporary and regret last forever.” After hearing that I had made my decision that I was going to jump and I did. It was the best most terrifying experience of my life. The jump was the hardest but being down and swinging through the canal was one of the most peaceful experiences of my entire life. After the jump I felt like I could accomplish anything and I am forever grateful to Go Global for giving me so much encouragement to conquer this fear.

Corinth Canal bungee