You might find that studying abroad reveals things about yourself you never knew! Allyson Hoppe, a senior at the University of South Carolina, would probably agree!

1. Morning workouts: During my time so far in Cape Town, I’ve realized how much more energized and ready for the day I am when I do a quick workout in the morning. It also allows me to remain healthy during my time abroad. (Especially with all the food I’ve been eating!)

2. RIP to being a picky eater: Before I came to Cape Town, I was thinking I would lose weight on this trip because I’m such a picky eater at home. Well, that is NOT the case! I’ve gotten myself to try new foods and I have found that I love types of food that I would have never tried at home!

3. Schedule lover: Through my time in Cape Town, I’ve realized how much I love a schedule. Go Global does a great job of supplying a schedule of the five-week program. I like to look ahead and know what exciting adventure is coming next!

4. People person: I didn’t know anyone coming into the program; however, the Go Global team does a great job of creating many opportunities for you to get to know everyone on the trip. At home, I feel like a lot of my friends are very similar to me. Everyone on the program has so many different qualities, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. I have found that I can get along with anyone and it encourages me to get to know more of a variety of people back home!

5. Organization is key: I love to be organized! As soon as I got here, I organized my clothes and my valuables. I love knowing where things are and it also just makes me feel better and more prepared.

Exploring Cape Town