LEAD Greece students making new connections

Krisann Chumney, a junior at Louisiana State University, has some tips for anyone who wants to come abroad with LEAD Greece!

1. Money Matters

The biggest mistake that I made in preparation for my month long trip to Greece is that I didn’t exchange all of my dollar bills to euros or bring enough euros in the first place. While ATM’s do exist, they are typically inconvenient to get to when you are with a group.

It is also important to discuss a budget with your parents because you will find yourself spending a lot of money on just food alone. Everyone goes out to eat for lunch and dinner, which usually adds up to around 40 to 50 euro each day. Having said this, plan ahead and save so you don’t scare your parents when you call and ask for more money.

2. Dress to Impress

Even though shorts and an extra large t-shirt is my outfit of choice, you will find yourself getting strange looks if you walk around the streets like this. If I could go back and repack my suitcase I would have brought at least 14 dressy-casual tops because we have dressed up for dinner every single night. As for bottoms, I would suggest the basics such as a pair of jeans, jean shorts, a couple of “cuter” shorts, a skirt, romper, and even a couple of dresses. Shoes, on the other hand, I would recommend bringing a couple of sandals, flip-flops, tennis shoes, and one pair of wedges.

3. Sleep

Your days are very long and exhausting because you are always on the go while studying abroad, so sleeping and staying hydrated are essential to staying healthy and getting the most out of your experience.